Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan
Not resolved

on 3-10-09, Escanaba, store 301 N. Lincoln road.


bought a jersey neo-rnd shw #6714733, from a display area because the store was in the process of moving , the department manager had checked it all out and stated it was still available . When picking this item up they stated it had been sold prior. and that the only thing I could do was take my money back. Your great!!!!!!

manager stated, it happens like that, without so much as a by your leave.

REQURST RESPONCE Norman Priebe 3348 county road 416 Cornell Mi. 49818 Tel # 906-3846497.

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Nice Attitude!


Look bud, the store is colsing---selling every last thing. If you see a deal, load it on a cart and take it out the door.

You can't expect their employees to stand there and guard your product. They are busy running around like everyone else assisting more customers than usual because everybody loves a deal. Unfortunatley for you, someone that knows a bargain loaded the display on a cart and took it out the door. Things like this happen in the frenzy of a closeout sale.

Your money was refunded, you left with no less than you came with. Next time you shop a closeout grab the product and head for the checkout, don't assume it will be there later.


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