I walked the whole store without a mask on because of my medical exemption and not 1 employee was spotted until I went to checkout where the cashier said I needed to put my mask on. Told her I have a medical exemption and that when the problem started.

Manager walked up and said to put my mask on told him same thing I told cashier. Told him its discrimination against people with medical conditions under HIPPA and Osha.

Osha states no one should wear a mask if breating is difficult. The incident occured at Warsaw, IN Menards store on Sept 24, 2020 after 4 pm

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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OSHA covers employees & employers, Not customers. You are a Customer, Not an employee.

So, the comment you made about OSHA Does Not apply to you since you are Not an employee. That means Any business Can Require You to Wear a Mask.


What makes you so special that you think you can enter a store requiring masks without one? If you are still breathing you are able to spread the virus if you have it.

The mask helps prevent you from spreading the virus. Stay home and shop on line if you feel it is too much of a burden to wear a mask.


If you don't want to wear a mask don't go into stores that require them.

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