i ordered online for the contactless pickup. you go to a parking spot, park, call the number, tell them what spot you are in and they bring out your stuff.

called the number 10 times it just kept ringing and ringing no answer. called me main store and they said they would let someone know im outside. didnt ask for my name or what spot i was in and hung up on me. there were literally 4 employees standing in front of me and not one asked if they could help me.

when i asked if anyone was working they said yeah but you have to go inside to tell them you are here. i was ive never had to do that. he said thats how its always been and i said never once have i had to do that it defeats the purpose of a contactless order. so i had to mask up and go inside to tell them i was there to get my order.

the girl told me you cant get through because her manager was using the phone. i called the overall store manager to complain and his excuss was they are extremely busy. while i was on the phone talking with him the "gate guard" dipped into my convo saying its a self service store that they dont bring your stuff out to you. well he got schooled as well on how contactless pickup works.

never had an issue with this store until today and it couldnt have been that busy that 5 guys were again standing in front of my truck NOT working at all just hanging out. worst experience ever.

User's recommendation: avoid this store if you need contactless delivery.

Location: Maple Heights, Ohio

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