Detroit, Michigan
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I have purchased from the Jksn store since it opened. I was very impressed, especially at first when everything was stocked up.

I realize unsold stock on shelves costs money but empty bins when you go to purchase something cause's the loss of a customer, especially when it happens very frequently.

I have visited other stores in the area quite often in the last couple of years to purchase what I am looking for on that particular trip.

Either hire a part time person to check stock (dept by dept of the store) or find one of the currently hired employees in each of the departments that is responsible for keeping the bins at least partially full.

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it also has to deal with you retarded customers not putting *** back where u found it...number one reason why inventory is off. apparently you have never worked retail my friend....


Hey Skip Harman, maybe you should apply at Menards and whip them into shape. It sounds like you know everything there is to know about Menards.

It's amazing that you don't work there yet you know everything about their computer system. It takes most people a couple of days to learn that stuff.


Bins being empty is one thing but when the cashier tells you that the count must be off, because the computer tells her there is more on hand this is a problem. I shop Menards everyweek, it is a great store but has some poor department managers. Maybe its time to stop passing the buck, and get busy doing our jobs.

Yes I am a manager to and will not put up with slackers.


First of all, Menards can only stock what is sent to them. Do you think they should magically pull items out of their butts?

Items are automatically re-ordered when they get to a certain quantity.

It has a lot to do with how fast it is shipped to them. Menards has people stocking all the time so I am sure that if it is not on the shelf it is because they don't have it yet.


welcome to the new economy