On 6/16/21 I went into the menards at 740 E. Rand Road, Mount Prospect, IL.

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I searched for 30 minutes with my brother for a drill kit combo pack. We had finally found one that was good for us and we went to the register to pay. Menards was ringing it out for $269.99. I have a picture that states that it was $84.99.

After waiting for 15 minutes at the register. The manager named Manuel finally checked the price. I was speaking with Manuel and he was cutting me off and wasnt letting me finish what I had to say. Manuel was extremely rude and made me very uncomfortable when he approached me closer and got louder with his statement It is what it is and there is nothing I will do for you.

I told Manuel to have a nice day & he walked away and told me to go somewhere else like Home Depot. I am extremely disappointed in Menards for having a manager speak to a loyal client like this. I have spent thousands of dollars at this store.

I will be shopping at Home Depot and ace hardware from here on out. Manuel makes me never want to come to menards again because he was a clear threat when he approached myself and my little brother.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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I have a feeling there is more to the story here.


Then don’t go back! No one cares!


You typically won't find a drill combo pack selling for $84.99. It's possible someone moved the box over a wrong tag or even an employee mistakenly set it in the wrong spot.

Either way stores are entitled to charge the proper price for the product being sold. Did you bother checking the description on the $84.99 shelf tag to see if it matched the set you were trying to buy?


If the employee placed the tag n the wrong spot it's an error caused by the company any respectful business would honor the price and discuss the issue with the employee. What does menards do???

Page an employee to quickly pull the price tag before the customer returns to verify then staff play clueless when customer asking why price tag is now gone. Vote with your wallet and take your business elsewhere.


Then go elsewhere loser!


If mommy raised you right you would not take advantage of a mistake and try to cheat.

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