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On 8-14-2014, my wife and I went to our local Menards store to purchase a storage shed. One of your employees, named "Devan M." told us about some that were on sale.

We decided on one that was 10 feet X 3 feet, which was just the right size. Devan M. wrote up " picking list " for the amount of the shed,$444.00, which we were informed that we could pay for "When you pick up the shed on Saturday, the 16th, of August, just two day from now. On August 16, 2014, at 9:00 A.M., we returned to Menards to pay for the shed, and pick it up.

At that time, we were told, "That shed has already been sold to another customer." I informed the so called "Manager", that I have already spent over $500.00 dollars getting the plot leveled, and concrete poured. I informed him that another employee, named Devan M. had written up this slip of paper, showing it to him.

He said "That is not my problem, the shed is sold, there is nothing I can, or will do, about it." And he turned around and walked away! Now I ask you, is that any way to run a company?

Monetary Loss: $518.

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You clearly stated that you went to menards to purchase a storage shed. The only thing you did was go there and get an estimate.

Why didnt you purchase it before you left the store?? If Devan told you that you could pay later hes wrong. When he clocks out no one in that department has a clue your coming back to purchase something. Devan isnt the only employee in that department.

When you get a picking ticket you need to go pay for it in order for menards to hold the product.

How can you expect a store to hang on to something you never purchased and on top of that for 2 days?? come on use your brain


If you look at the "picking list" you would read several things. One is that it is only an estimate until paid for.

It also tells you to pick up the product the day you pay for it or it may be gone.

You can't expect a store not to sell a product that you may or may not show up to buy. Money talks...if you want a product, buy it and take it home or have it set up for delivery


Next time get the loan from the payday store before you start the project. It's not my fault your poor and uneducated