Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I spend Thousands at menards yearly.Menards is close to my home. One day we were shopping for some garden lights that were on sale and a small tool shed.After PAYING for the lights my wife stepped back 5 feet into the store to tell me she was going to the car and was stopped and embarrassed having her bag and reciept checked I was in another line people were looking and saying they caught a shoplifter.My wife was upset to say the least.She showed the reciept to the person who stopped her,then asked for a refund,I didnt buy the shed.I contacted Menards customer service dept and it took pulling teeth to get an apoligy.They were overeager to stop a shoplifter on that day and embarrassed my wife

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Get over your self. She caused an issue that my have seemed that she was walking out with unpaid merchandise.

So they asked for a receipt.

She showed a receipt and should be the end. Move one.


I stop anyone who looks mexican because they always steal. Even if you didn't I will stop you anyway because you were probably thinking about it.


Do NOT shop at MENARDS. Their products are the cheapest that are found anywhere and I wouldn't buy equipment to buy my dog a house.

Their customer server is the worst in the business.

This really proves how much they care about their customers. BOYCOTT menards, buy quality products made in america not CHINA where they treat their workers like slaves.


24. Anon, *** before I reach across the intertube and slap the semen out your mouth you moronic low life cashier ***


the guy who wants attention because he spends a few pennies a year is one of those americans that blow everything out of proportion causing everyone to get slapped with childish rules to make sure everyone is playing fair causing the U.S. to be a laughing stock! And my uncle was not only a loss prevention officer, but a lawyer as well and he says your a joke whoever said this ego maniac has a case!


that whole stop at the store check your reciept thing is bull, its usually the people in the store stealing anyway, not the little old lady. these store chains make millions, if the alarm doesn't go off, or if the store monitor doesn't see me in his surveillance camera stealing something, stop running your mouth and look at the register, if i didnt go thru then stop me, other than that get out of my way.

its a waste of time theyre too busy talking to know if anything got stolen anyway. and check my bags?

ha what a joke, i dont think so buddy. its a rude and discretionary policy at best.


look you got stopped and asked to have a receipt checked, get over it people doing their job, and woo who you were buying a shed, the other day someone was in front of me in line at menards who spent 64,000 in one trip there. that is more than u will spend in a lifetime there so dont act like u deserve special treatment because you spend a couple hundred dollars here and there... people steal most people when they buy something they get their bags and walk out to there car, im sure your "5 feet" isnt the real story, if u have a problem go to lowes or home depot, where the people arent nearly as friendly or helpful, maybe they or other stores will let u buy something and them roam around the store with it and not ask any questions when u walk out the door


I dont understand... A worker asking for a reciept is not someone accusing someone of shoplifting.

If you wife was detained in any manner and taken inside then yes you are correct.

But if it was a simple asking of a reciept there is nothing that was done wrong. That is policy in most retail establishments.




For all the people that get stopped and questioned about stealing at Menards, well over 50% are stealing. Sorry your wife was in the minority and unhappy, but they are just doing their job.


An aside: Please, please, please...DO NOT use the hackneyed \" I spend thousands at...\". Yep.

So? Most of us do. Some spend literally hundreds of thousands yearly. And millions.

I can whole heartedly say for every home improvement store \"thank you\". Do you REALLY want to set your service by how much you spend a year? really?

So you should honestly be dropped like a hot rock when Xyz Construction Company- who spent 5+ million dollars last year- comes in ?

No, you really want to be helped out to the best of the associates ability and the other guy can wait his turn. So dont climb on the \" I spend\" crate, \'k?


hmm...its too bad his wife felt insulted. could have been a clumsy handle by an employee.

I dont have a lot of sympathy. She was REALLY insulted because someone did their job and asked to see a receipt before she left the store in an unusual manner? PUH-lease. Get some distance from your ego.

Its not personal, its one way for a business to cut some loss that happens all too often. So you wanna blame someone? blame the self absorbed cretin who believes that its ok to take what they can sneak out of the store with. You WANT to save money at stores like Menards?

Then help 'em out AND look out for the *** who walks out with unpaid for merchandise.

GEEZ. Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Etc, ad nauseum have to literally eat millions of dollars of loss every think before you make it 'all about you'.


Good catch "wait a minute" I doubt we will see 1974 again now that he has been exposed. Then again he could come up with another username.


It is most likely 1974 and 1975 want attention. It is obvious they are the same person.

Why do they have different views when they are the same person. Brings more attention to the board. I think that 1974 and 1975 is the person that wrote the letter.

Just posting trollish posts to have more attention to the letter. I very much doubt that the wife ever stole and he ever forced her to steal as he claimed in his first reply.


If the poster that posted before me is NOT 1974, why in their reply are they claiming to be "1974" and claiming they won the debate. 1974, you don't have to shop at Menards if you choose not to but not everyone is going to agree with you, and most likely not everyone who disagreed with you is the same person including me.


Actually you all lost the debate because everyone is the same person. Only "me" 1974 is the different person except for the OP everyone else is the same person.

1973=1975=whats your problem = i agree = 1973 1974 1975 = debate = El Ray = Anonymous.

You all are workers at Menards or one person and you are being paid by Menards to post. Since you are not saying this out of your free will I win the discussion.


It seems like they are all the same person. If not it is obvious 1974 is claiming they are the same person so it seems like less people agree with them. Must just be some child on their parent's PC.


No one "lost" the debate 1974, however it seems that you are outnumbered here.


How do you know it is 1975. For all we know you could have posted that in anger then when you calmed down and denied it.

Maybe 1975 did post that maybe it was a typo and they meant to post under 1975. Or maybe you made that post in attempt to make them look bad. However I fail to see where 1974 resulted to namecalling. Your argument is very weak when you accuse them of namecalling without proof, then you accuse them of posting under your handle without proof.

You think this makes you look like the better person but it does not. That person can use any handle you want. You choose to use the handle name 1974 after someone else used 1973 and they can use the handle 1975 if they want.

You just disprepect their opinion so you make unfair judgement about them. Obviously you did not use the handle "1974" to represent your year of birth.


As it is an easy task for anybody to put anything in the "Name" box, you will understand that the follow-up to my (1974) original post about name-calling was, indeed, posted by someone other than myself. My guess would be 1975, who it seems is also 1973.

Thank you 1975(3 and fake 4) for proving my point.