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Menards Lake Ozarks MO. Went in to purchase 6,000 ft of vineer stone.

Went to count in back where stone was located. Four guys shooting the breeze, none asked if I needed help. I had to inject myself to get assistance. Now their careless attitude showed.

Told them what I needed and did they have flyers I could read up on the products. Would have thought I asked a quantum physics question. After 25 minutes of pure frustration I saw racks of sample boards of rock and asked if I could make a deposit and take three samples home. Response, "those aren't for customer checkout." I asked what they were used for?

"So customers can see the product in store only." Asked how long it takes to get product in because almost every shelf was empty of produce except the sample boards. Could not get an answer. They had to pull up the info on the Menards site and cheerfully recommended I go to to get my answers resolved too. I respectfully declined and said I would think this being your department, you would know your product.

Response- "they just moved their department from the NW corner of the store to the SW corner and they couldn't find their product info stuff. Really!!!! These 4 guys were truely a waist of humanity and needed other jobs not in customer service. So my maintain beef with Lake Ozarks Menards: 1.

Poor customer service. 2. Unfamiliar with their product line. 3.

Don't keep product in stock. 4. Could care less attitude.

5. Lazy and zero motivation.

Tom Murphy, X Customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Stone Veneer.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You're making a lot of assumptions. Sounds to me like you were talking to people who work in the yard or receiving.

They get zero training on product knowledge. They also are not responsible for making sales so they have limited knowledge on the process. Their job is simply to receive items and keep the store filled. The yard is self serve.

When my store moved locations into a larger builder corporate came and gave us all sorts of handy information and one of those things was that the YARD IS SELF SERVE. We simply do not have the staffing for it to be other wise. The people in the yard will help you if asked, but it's not their job approach you and make a sale. Like I said their job is to receive items and keep the store filled.

Now the people working inside the store has 250,000+ items to keep track of, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE. Not one person is going to know every single thing in the store and what is available for special order. The less popular items tend to get ignored and are less familiar to the people working in the store. You want these people to care?

Why should they care? They don't get paid enough for what they do. They deal with constant belittling by the general public on a daily bases. I can assure you if you treat them respect and approach them in the proper demeanor they will go above and beyond for you.

However, if you approach them like your entitled to something with an attitude they have zero reason to care about you. Unless you work retail in this day and age you will never understand.

People treat you like garbage and I can tell from your tone you're one of those people. You call 4 people you don't even really know a waste of humanity, SHAME ON YOU.


Its unlikely they were OSY guys, probably Building Materials or Contractor Sales. From the attitude sounds like CCS.

Also, if you've ever been exposed to the actual policy of Menards you know that the self service yard thing is complete corporate ***.

Every single person expects help when they enter a lumber yard, they dont give two *** about store policies and if you dont indulge their sense of entitlement the GM will be sure to make you anyway while making you the *** at the same time. It only goes doubly for small locations like Lake Ozark, where the customers only complain about military discounts more than *** about how they want everything done for them because "this is a retirement community."


Tim, you, like so many of your fellow citizens, are an ignorant ***. Why, dear God, why is EVERYTHING, someone else's fault.

They didn't know - but God forbid you take any responsibility and learn on your own. Will you post a complaint here when some demon doesn't provide you with good directions to, or have any information on, your own personal spot in ***???