Muskegon, Michigan
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I ordered close to 7.000.00 worth of roofing that's special order and it takes 15 days or longer right how about 30 days then when they delivered things were missing the driver said too bad its not my problem take it up with menards I did I gave them an a good reaming and the steel was bent winter was coming on and the stuff I needed would take another 3 weeks then when that came it had bent piceses and scrathes on them too I said take it back and she said noi will never buy anything big from them again they are ripoffs Muskegon mich.

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I have contacted the store manager at the greater Muskegon store to advise, please be patient and menards will make this transaction as easy as possible. If II would have been managing this store you could have spoke directly with me and problem solved.

In order to serve our guests better, I am now in charge of all menards complaints and it is my responsibility to better those bad experiences rather than make them more difficult, as I have in the past.

I have offended many of you and from now on I will personally deal with every complaint in all of our stores through this site. Happy Kwanza everyone, and please remember to sign up for health insurance as President Oboma has and we should also to make this work.


You're not the real Heartless and everyone knows it. So please move along so Heartless can get back to his education of the self entitled retail shoppers of America.


Hey, Marty Buttheadinski. Don't be giving Heartless a hard time.

We all know he's in charge of ALL complaints, and he is personal friends with Barack Hussein Obama. So lay off and be nice.

And Happy New Year! :grin