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Im Travelling around the nation buying pinballs machines in a 2022 toy hauler. Im doing a YouTube channel about living on the road, meeting pinball people, my interactions with big box managers as I stay overnight in parking lots.

Im in Jackson Michigan, and have been told by Georgia.

Im trespassing by staying in the parking lot over night. Im not welcome here even though I stayed to fix my toy haulers heaters thermostat.

I set up my trailer before closing time last night, the entire crew saw I was camping. No one said anything to me about it.

FYI. I do set out a five gallon bucket for trash, and a grocery bag with groceries since its below 45 degrees outside.

That sit outside my door.

Today I was going to go buy a thermostats for my heater system, some hangers, and few other items. I wont be shopping at Menards today since the manager treated me poorly.

Until I get permission to stay the night at Menards during my travels. I will not be shopping at Menards and will leave a bad review on my YouTube channel recommending toy hauler owners to shop for parts and accessories at other stores.

I remodel homes at lake of Ozarks in Missouri. Osage beach.

I spend $45,000 last year at that store. I feel dis respected and talked down too. Like Im not a customer today enough to stay 24 hours and fix my toy hauler?

She asked me to leave, when I said I was going to come in and buy things. She replied No.

insisted I leave.

So this isnt on me.

Ive taken video and pics of how Im parked and set up for reference.

If I could get a call from corporate to resolve this issue. Id be happy to give a good review on my YouTube channel and keep shopping at Menards.


Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 3588 Page Avenue, Jackson, MI 49203

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Why would any business want you parking in their lot overnight? May stores including Menards preform maintenance on their parking lots at night when there should be no vehicles there.

This would include routine sweeping, repairs as necessary and painting new stripes.

You, trying to save the fees a campground would charge can cause quite an inconvenience for a business. You have no right to park on private property without the owners permission.


The menards store I used to work at constantly had random nails throughout the lumber yard causing flat tires, had multiple potholes in the parking lot that were ignored all winter, painted parking lot lines that were so worn that customers had a hard time seeing them, had a dead Canada goose laying in the employee parking area for weeks and there was even a time 2 menards employees used the back seat of a car in the parking lot for “ personal entertainment “, I have no idea what you mean by preforming parking lot maintenance since John menards wants it to get to the point where the local news does a report on the situation before he is willing to unzip his man purse.


I work at half a dozen Menards stores. All had weekly sweeping services.

Every spring there was at least crack filling and sometimes complete sealcoating and the lines were re-painted every year as well. Campers need to find a campground and not rely on a business parking lot.


Maybe you could get a real job instead of you and frank driving cross country lowballing elderly people with dementia just so you can resell the merchandise at home inflated prices either at your store in Iowa or on eBay. Shame on you lowlife resellers taking advantage of the people with memory loss or these desperate for money.

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