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Backyard stone for $0.89 75 of them the sticker said $0.89 when I went to the register they tried to charge me a dollar 29 the manager went ahead and gave them to me for $0.89 because the sticker was still up I ended up being 3 short went back. Got three more tried to charge me a dollar 29 I told the lady at the desk that they're only $0.89 and that the guy behind the counter of their could verify that he said that's a one time deal that they... Read more

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When you go to use that rebate "check" make sure you break your purchases up into separate orders to pay. I learned this the hard way when i bought several items using my rebate and debit card for payment. I had to return 1 item and even though the amount t I paid with my debit card was more than the refund would have been by $7 they wouldn't issue the credit back to my debit card. Their "policy" which is NOT on their receipt is that if you use... Read more

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Menerds is the most s******* person to work for in ohio they expect ppl to go in a five oclock in the morning and not be late come on who in the h*** isn`t going to be late!! but anyway the menerds on morse rd in columbus has cheap s*** that breaks and they get it cheap and sell it for a h*** of alot to make you broke even the ppl that work do n ot paid alot to put up with the *** there trust me i work there and it sucked a** because you have... Read more

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Menards contracts out delivery, I bought a new dryer on a Fri., the first thing I asked was do you take the old one and can I have next day delivery. They told me yes and scheduled me for A.M. Sat., Well 12:15 came and no dryer or no phone call to let me know they were running late. I called to see and was told they had a new driver and he got lost in another town, with GPS's how can anyone get lost? He did say he should've called. The delivery... Read more

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Menards is not to be trusted. I had a full lite door delivered. I did not inspect the door before the delivery service left. All cardboard except one side had been removed before delivery. When I moved the one piece of cardboard I found that the miter was awful. But my handyman told me these come off the assembly line very fast and this could be expected and that it was fixable. When I told him the frame was raw wood he said that is very... Read more

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Some time ago we bought paint ,carpeting, and a numerous amount of products ,sent our rebates in and never received our money just a lot of unnecessary running around.When we brought it to their attention they hand you a phone number and tell you to handle it yourself.Fine store when you dish out over 5 thousand dollars and they can't even bother to rectify the problem.Someone there should take notice in their customers instead of their bank... Read more

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the general manager at menards in columbus ohio is a petty ***. he treats his team members like they are pesants begging for food on the streets of calcutta. i have witnessed him lock the doors in the mornings on team members before the grace period ends which caused them to be late and later that day fired. the 24 yr old asst manager loves to send emails stating that team members are worthless and much worse than what i can say now. what a way... Read more

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I purchased a tiller from the lima ohio store,it is a off brand and when i first talk to saleperson i questioned its qoality he told me,if i was unhappy with it in any way,i could return it in 30 days no questions ask,i used the tiller one time and after 15-25 mins it would stop running,it did this several times,i attempted to return it the staore manager said i could not return it i would have to take it somewhere to have it repaired this made... Read more

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Mennards - Lancaster 1425 Ety Pointe Dr Lancaster OH 43130 We were looking for a new Bemis toliet seat. My wife called Menards in Lancaster and was told that they carried Bemis. So at about 3:30 PM we arrived. An older gentleman (whose name I did not get) asked iof he could help us and we told him that we were looking for a Bemis toliet seat. He said we don't carry that brand and walked away leaving us to fend for ourselves. We... Read more

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I have a son who has been working 12 plus hours a day for about a month now trying to get the new store set up on Morse Rd. Well they cannot seem to pay their people as promised. People have bills to pay and I know this company could care less but when it comes to people possibly facing their credit being messed up because they are not getting paid is crazy. When you have people working hard as heck for your company you should show some... Read more

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