Yesterday I was at one of the local area menards stores buying a variety of tools and materials for a remodel project. The store has the 11% mail in rebate promotion as they do half the year now it seems.

When they run this promotion nearly nothing else in the store is on sale otherwise so depend on this promotion for a decent selling price. I spend just over $400 for the merchandise so rebate amount would be roughly $45.00 which helps offset the costs down the road. The issue began when the magnetic strip on my credit card was somewhat worn down and damaged so was unable to scan myself at the machine at the far end of the register. The cashier asks to see the card and I hand it to her try to swipe at the register itself.

She is able to get it to read at the register and sale finishes. However as soon as she swiped the receipt was dispensed at the far end of the register, before I have time to retrieve the receipt another customer walking by snatches my receipt and heads out the door. I try yelling "sir, sir" but just ***. One would think with a security guard, front end manager, and cart collector all loitering by the exit someone would approach this clown but was told they ignored him since he was "not in possession of unpaid merchandise so they were not obligated to make verbal contact".

At this point I'm outraged knowing this clown was watching my like a hawk and saw the amount of money I spent so highly suspected he was going to mail in the rebate himself he stole from me. Menards staff and security offered no remorse or advice, just 101 excuses. I asked how do I get a new receipt if mine was just stolen under your nose and was told "oh just go to the machine over there and it prints it out" I reply first of all my card has issues scanning being worn and second the reprint won't offer the rebate I earned from buying these items. After f@rting around with the staff who were, clueless, rude, and extremely unmotivated I was finally able to get the cashier who checked me out to reprint the pervious receipt, of course minus the rebate form, so I ask can i just void this transaction and be done with you guys.

She gives me a blank stare and rings a bell. The heavyset, gum chewing manager comes over and tells me if i want to return I need to go to the return desk, then waddles back to her stool without giving me an opportunity to respond. The cart collector person was the only one who appeared to have common sense seeing the game playing the staff has put me though and offers to help me moved the items to the return desk where the refund is processed and I leave empty handed.

Only good part was the clown thief will have the stolen rebate form be void since everything was returned. In the future Ill look for businesses who genuinely appreciate customers, not just see them as numbers and dollar signs

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of menards rebate. Menards needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I got scammed on a Menards 11% rebate. I ordered a sump pump on11-23 last year from on store and immediately cancelled that order and reordered from another Menards and received only one rebate receipt and sent it in and it was rejected because I returned the item. I hope the choke on my rebate check because they wont be choking on any more of my money

to Jerry #1415349

Exactly what to you mean that you immediately refunded it and ordered from another store? Did you order it at the same store and have it shipped to another store?

If you did that the process they go through is to enter your sale, the they refund it and transfer it to the new store.

You'd would have had to gotten the receipt from the store you had it transferred to. When you are dealing with rebates always make the purchase at the store where the item will be picked up at so you have the valid receipt for the sale.


Amazing grammar


The office manager was just being a lazy {{Redacted}}. He could have easily post voided the transaction and re-rung it.

This would have voided the rebate on the original receipt and given you a new one. I have to agree, the service provided by this lazy manager was extremely poor and he shouldn't be in the position he is in.


If you return everything you brought, the rebate is useless. And buy it again.

to David #1405996

I'm assuming the customer returned the merchandise due to poor customer service and took his business elsewhere after the situation occurred.

Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1194703

Menards is not responsible for your receipt being stolen.

The person who stole the receipt would have been able to sue Menards if they had done anything. Believe me...I've seen the lawsuits filed and won.

You are responsible for your own things, including the receipt. Unfortunate situation, but your problem.

Hell, Michigan, United States #1101834

Honestly this seems like a major troll post! I find it very unlikely some person would come strolling by and steal someones receipt for a 40-50 dollar rebate!

Then what are they going to do? Send it in with their name and address on it? No one is going to go through all that effort for 40-50 dollar rebate that can be easily tracked back to them. I'm going to inform you MrTroll about everything you did wrong anyways!

First off the staff by policy is not allowed to make any aggressive attempts towards a suspected thief, they're only allowed to be a witness and are told to gather as much information as possible. Menards has contracted security for this very reason. Security can make and aggressive move, because Menards does not have to worry about their safety and liability. So you expecting random staff to stop someone is total ignorance!

Why didn't you charge him down if you wanted him stopped? Why sit around insisting others do it? Because deep down you were afraid for your safety, just like the staff should be as well if he really was a thief! This is what you should have done!

You should have called the police to report a theft! You should have also followed him and got his license plate with out making a scene.

When the police arrived you should have giving them all the information you could about him and hope the staff saw something useful too. Regardless MrTroll if this was real you have no reason to be angry at Menards, just yourself for being clueless and the thief!

to MrSharkNasty #1101947

Name one other retailer that has the receipt printed at the very end of the register 6 feet from the cashier and register??? Every other big box store, warehouse store, locally owned store, ETC has the cashier hand the customer the receipt, even fast food restaurants, and formal restaurants have the staff present a receipt to the customer in a hand to hand transaction.

Menards is the only business who's staff just says oh, its way down there grab it yourself. I have seen countless time customers leave receipts behind and several accumulate at the printer. Having someone intentionally grab the receipt from the printer knowing they can use it to file a large rebate is definitely not out of question if the opportunity was there. As previously stated the only reason menards staff chose not to get involved is because it did not directly harm Mr menards pocket book.

For situations that do involve a monitory loss for Mr Menards then Menards staff is well known for stepping up themselves by "repossessing" items they suspect is return fraud, or stalk customers in aisles until "mr.

green" (code word for security) arrives and have a cashier manager stare-down customers at the register using the guilty until proven innocent method. Good for you for standing up and returning the merchandise when the staff fails to respond.

to Anonymous Columbia, Missouri, United States #1103789

Sam's club receipts print out for customer to retrieve. JS

to Anonymous #1120235

So .. you're mad that the "heavy set" lady didn't run outside after the thief and tackle him for you?

And abandon the other 12 registers she was watching? Do you know people work 11 and 12 hour shifts there? You're mad she had a stool? How long were you standing at this point?

Half an hour? Were you too tired (or "heavy set") yourself to catch the their? The front registers can't cancel or return purchases. The service desk is there for that purpose, so people don't tie up registers for returns.

So, basically, you're mad that a) your card doesn't work properly (which is YOUR responsibility to replace), b) employees didn't chase a thief through the parking lot for you (because you were too scared to say anything beyond quietly saying "sir? Sir?"), and c) you had to walk over to the service desk area, where they fixed the problem???? Sounds like everyone did their job, and you're mad that they didn't bend over backwards for a whiny, demanding customer. Do you have a job?

Or are you on "disability" and don't feel like you should have to work?

Based on this story, I'm leaning towards the later.

to MrSharkNasty #1102231

Mr sharknasty you call others trolls for complaining about poor customers, but who's the one who posted on here 55 times for menards in the last 9 months 100% of the time standing up for the company by making random irrelevant and baseless insults at frustrated customers???

to Mister customer Sparta, Wisconsin, United States #1206665

I think you might be a troll for looking up that information

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