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Menards is extremely rude they hire a bunch of people who do not know what they are doing. When I asked them to

Stop being so rude they canceled my order and pushed my cart aside.

I asked for there names and they said stop threatening us. They are so unprofessional

Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois

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Good for them. Learn how to be respectful of others... Have a nice day.


One thing the pandemic has taught retailers is they don’t need to put with mouthy customers. They won’t miss you.


Considering your one of the few people who have maintained full time continuous employment since the beginning of the pandemic, one would think you would be grateful to the customers who provide you with a paycheck and a job instead of aimlessly insulting them. It must feel great when a elderly customer looks ask you and you for assistance loading a heavy item into a cart and you snap back "that's not my job" and run off at the speed of light.

When a couple in their 20's come in asking you for advise on a project and your sole suggestion is to look at you tube or Google, their just going to take your business elsewhere. You might feel all mighty trying to bully fustrated and disappointed customers but at the end of the day if that's how employees treat customers the store will run out of customers and close.


Not that many years ago Menards had the best service of the big 3 home centers. Not any more.

It's rare to find employees out on the sales floor other than at their desk chatting with other employees.

Even if you do encounter an employee they don't seem to be interested in offering any help and you feel like you are imposing on them if you break up their chit chat to ask a question. I have seen a great improvement at Home Depot over the past couple of years and prefer them now.

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