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I am a home builder, who personally spent over $60,000.00 at my local Menards in one year time (with receipts to prove it). One night I had my 3 and 7 year old sons with me while I picked up some supplies for a project.

My 3 year old got hurt threw a fit so I picked him up as any father would. I removed my jacket after carrying my crying son trying to get out of the store I was hot. We hurried to the checkout counter and proceed to pay with my son still crying. After I payed, I pushed the cart to the door and proceeded to get my son and I bundled back up (it was mid winter) before going outside.

I had a electric plug end that I forgot was under my jacket and didn't pay for. I turned around to walk back to the checkout lady (who knew me by name-I was there almost everyday) looked up and the guard proceeded to take me and my boys into an interrogation room accusing me of trying to steal it. If I had intended to steal a plug end I would have pushed the cart outside leaving it concealed.

The plug was $11, they proceeded to call the police and they put me and my two boys in the back of a squad car.

After protest to the police and lack of any evidence the charges were dropped. One month later I received a demand letter from menards to pay restitution of $150 and that I was banned for life? They treated me and my two young boys like a criminal. I have never been accused of any crime whatsoever.

I have never been so humiliated. I go out of my way to tell everyone to take your money to Lowes or Home Depot.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That Gm was fired. And u should have been given the option to pay for such as long as u had $11 cash no police should have been called. Makes me think there maybe more to this story.


Lowes and Home Depot will do the same exact thing to you if such a situation occurred. Sadly this is retail security these days. Shoplifters everywhere they won't take anyone for their word because retail stores are always getting scammed by people.


If you would have spent $60,011 instead of attempting to steal you wouldn't be in this situation

Thank you

Menards employee for life


You are an *** Menard's employee for life! What a heartless cowardice thing for you to say!


If the power hungry security guard would have stayed back I would have proceeded to pay for the plug. And Menards would have over $150,000 that I have given to Carters, Lowe's and Home Depot.

Way to go "loss prevention"!

Buy the way check out their BBB score!