Aberdeen, South Dakota
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Are you kidding me. SPEED energy drink.

With flavors like ethenol, unleaded, octane or fuel flavors. Have we just gone completely ***. Not a message I would give if I ran menards. Pretty sure you can send a message by not selling the *** energy drinks someone is trying to make a buck off of.

We need to protect our children not kill them. And why do I have to enter at least 100 words?

I haven't really got anything else to say. Most of the time I think menards is pretty good about products this time you fell of the wagon.

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I am a cashier at one of the Wisconsin stores. I can honestly tell you to shut the *** up. If your going to *** about an energy drink, don't come back to our stores.



I've had the energey drinks at Menards. Their not that bad.

They tast like a frezer pop with out the sugar. They actually have some nutriton in them unlike most energey drinks.


And this is why I hate working with the public lol :roll


Are you dumb? The flavors aren't fuel, they're fruity flavors. Who in their right mind would believe someone would sell a drink that tastes like octane?!


Haha you my friend are a tard. The energy drink is put out by race car driver Robby Gordon which would explain the flavor names.

Get some product knowledge and if you dont like it, dont buy it! Simple :x


The drink is delicious and is a HUGE seller.....especially with the employees! If you don't like it, don;t buy it!

You seriously have nothing better to do with your life than b--ch about an energy drink? Get a life!!!!!!


You know you don't have to buy the item right? Matter of fact if people were more educated they wouldnt buy half the stuff they buy.

However, they like being ignorant.

Only a fool would buy such a cheap energy drink to begin with. It's super cheap for a reason and I can assure it's not because of quality.