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If zero or negative stars was an option they would get the worst score possible. I purchased a special order pole building and my entire experience was an absolute nightmare.

They took my money with a smile, but when it came time to take delivery, they screwed up just about every aspect of my order. My POLE building didn't include the POLES as part of their kit! I had to pay almost $2000 out of pocket for 18 6x6x22' posts. I spent hours and hours on the phone with the building materials manager complaining about the ridiculousness of the situation, only to be offered zero solutions.

That was their biggest screw up of my project so far, but their have been many others along the way. Their special orders department is a dumpster fire. They WILL screw up your order. My roof needed 6 10 foot long ridge caps, and they sent (and charged me for) 60!

It took me 4 hours and a full tank of gas to load up and return their mistake. Associate employees that I would speak with would tell me how poorly run their store is, and that the managers routinely blow off customer complaints. My project is already nearly $3000 over budget and it is 100% due to MENARDS MISTAKES! If my pole building wasn't already halfway built, I would return every last item I purchased and never give them another penny as long as I live.

I have all the paperwork to prove everything I just stated, I welcome anyone to message me about my situation.

I could talk all day about how terrible this company is. I truely hope this review goes viral, so that no one makes the same mistake I did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Im just reading this, and you pay for any 6x6x22 on your original purchase? So your expecting a company to give you products you hadnt paid for?

Or what solution were you looking for?

Yes, obviously you need them, but if they made a mistake and forgot to include them; or cashier didn't scan the ticket; or whatever happened, doesn't mean that Menards or any other company would give you $2000 worth of products. So i guess, my question is what did they offer if anything to help you on this?


They offered me no explaination or solution. I had a crew of 6 workers on my property ready to work and they couldn't even start to work without the posts.

They acknowledged that it was THEIR screw up. I asked if they could sell me the posts at their cost as a compromise, they refused.

I tried to be more than reasonable with them. If you wanna drop 25 grand on some building materials with Menards and roll the dice that you may or may not get screwed, be my guest.


Again, this is a training issue. When my dad goes into Lowes to buy paint.

The painting department is staffed with retired painters and all their painters are educated in their department. This to me is a training issue and you are leaving money on the table. This man has a very valid complaint. 1.

he should have been informed by the sales staff that he would need to purchase other material for the project. Maybe putting project specs together for your product line would be helpful. 2. Your staff is not being taught the fundamentals of sales.

(cross sales and up sales) . This would worry me as a business owner. Your leaving money on the table that you could be making. 3.

This could change with a really strong change manager.

The culture needs to change and maybe the way you hire should change. Training, system, accountability, and review employee:)


If you have all the paperwork to prove it, you should take time to read that paperwork. By placing the order you agreed that you reviewed the order and the items were what you needed.

Did you even bother looking at the items on the order before you paid for it? Sure seems like you would have noticed that there were no poles and that there was 10 time the amount of ridge cap that you needed. You are dealing with a human being across the counter and yes, humans do make mistakes.

That is why they print a detailed list of exactly what you are ordering so you can review it to make sure you are ordering the products you need. Yes, their salesperson made some mistakes but you also mad the mistake of not reviewing your order to make sure you were getting what you wanted.


Review the order? Are you kidding?

This is a bigger building than most houses and they dropped the materials all at once on 3 flatbeds. It would take a week to inventory that much building material. My stack of special order paperwork is 4 inches thick, and my register reciept is literally 8 feet long. Any reputable lumber company would have competent employees picking the order.

Also any reputable lumber company would fix any problems asap for a customer spending as much money as I have. They did none of that, hence the scathing review. I'm not a stranger to large building projects and I know for a fact that NO ONE in the building trades does an item by item inventory when building materials arrive. I should add that Menards rescheduled my delivery about 5 or 6 times and I didn't get the materials until 2 weeks later than originally promised, and I was not home when the materials arrived.

I don't really care if you think I screwed up or not. I know what happened and have the paperwork and witnesses to back me up. I'm just trying to warn anyone thinking about making a major purchase from Menards. Look at any of Menards online reviews, particularly the Warren Ohio location, their online reputation speaks for itself.

I'm just trying to drag their name through the mud a little more and cost them as much business as possible. I have also filed paperwork with small claims court. I have never sued anyone in my life.

My experience really was that bad. If you wanna give them your money be my guest, but don't say you weren't warned.


What does checking the materials as they come off the truck have to do with reviewing the order before you place it? Your complaint it the order didn't include the poles and had too much ridge cap.

Both items could have been caught had the order been reviewed.

Yes there is a lot of paperwork involved with the purchase of a large project, but being such a large purchase it would be important to check the details before making the purchase. Not saying that they didn't make an error but they did give you invoices showing exactly what materials you were purchasing and if you didn't pay for posts don't expect them to be delivered.


So if you bought $300 worth of groceries from Wal-Mart's online service where they bring your groceries out to your car, would you check to make sure they didn't forget anything? Every single item?

Didn't think so. And before you say that this is a false equivalency, please think for a minute that I did not make a list of everything I needed and hand it over to Menards. I went into their store and used their computer to design the building I wanted. It spit out a list of material, as well as a blueprint (THAT INCLUDED THE POSTS!!) from the printer behind the building materials counter.

The employee then looked over the order and rang up my order. Fast forward to all my problems now, and I had the current department manager tell me that the person who originally processed my order had since been fired for "f'ing up" (her words not mine) too many orders. By the way, why do you care so much about refuting my story? Shareholder?

Menards employee?

I never asked the store for free stuff, nor do I want anything for free. I'm just a crazy person who expects decent customer service from a company I gave a lot of my money.


No I don't work for Menards but have lived long enough to know mistakes happen and that if I look over orders I place I can avoid the problems caused by mistakes. If I bought $300 worth of groceries I would expect to get the items I PAID for, no more.

Your complaint sure sounds like you expected them to give you $2,000 worth of posts you didn't pay for.

Was the price on the estimate that included the posts the same price on the orders you took to the register and paid for? My guess is that if in fact they were on the estimate but not on the order there would have been a noticeable price difference.


Menard's employees are only there to sell as much as possible. That's where they make their money.

And effort used to do anything beyond selling is considered wasted.

And they (Menard's) don't pay their employees to waste effort. Just to get a sale.


If they are there to sell as much as possible why didn't they sell the $2,000 in posts with the rest of the materials?