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Got a text message that my special order was in so My wife and I made the 22 mile trip to Menards to pick it up. We show up and only 25% of my order is in the area where you are suppose to pick up special orders so I was polite and told the young woman that my wife and I would go out and eat supper and return to get the order on our way home.

When we returned an hour later her first response was "wow you ate fast" keep in mind that the store was almost empty so she wasn't over worked by no means. After another 15 to 20 minutes she said the rest of my order is buried in receiving and if I wanted to wait around she would work on getting it out. The point of my situation is don't send out a text telling a customer that your order is ready to be picked up if it's not!

I wasted a whole night and drove a round trip of 44 miles for a mediocre hamburger!!! Thanks Menards you are really on your A game!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Menards enters the bill of lading for the trucks as soon as they hit the dock. Sometimes it takes hours to get the truck unloaded and even longer to put away.

For some reason they send the notifications that orders are in as soon as the bill of lading is entered.

They should wait a day to send notifications so that the product can be unloaded and put away before people come to pick it up. Frustrating for both the customers and employees who have to dig product out of a truck that hasn't been put away yet.

to Anonymous #1458963

Or better yet have a store employee call or leave a voice mail for the customer as the item is unload out of the semi trailer and shows no plain view signs of shipping damage. This will eliminate customers arriving early, customers having to wait a day extra as you suggest, and also avoids issues where items are damaged in menards semi trailers when heavy loaded pallets cause a fragile special order item to be crushed. I know menards frowns upon customer service such as a human calling to notify the customer that an item has arrived, but its the thought that counts.

to myself #1459059

At one time Menards actually checked in orders rather than relying what was on the bill of lading. They also called customers to let them know the product was in.

Then to cut the amount of time employees were spending on the phone they went to sending postcards. At the point most people had e-mail they went to sending e-mails to save the cost of postage. If you don't provide an e-mail address you have to call the store to see if your product has arrived. Today they receive their shipments by going off the packing list or bill of lading without even looking at the product.

They figure the cost of a few errors is outweighed by the savings in payroll of actually checking the product in. Since every cut in customer service means more dollars in John Menards pocket don't expect customer friendly changes anytime soon.

to Anonymous #1566457

I.E. How America works in today's world.


And Exactly Why is Menard's to blame for your mediocre hamburger?

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