South Bend, Indiana

The complaints made about Menards are 100% true..I had same experience with their employees and management. Just by reading replies of those employees you can see that they are rude,lazy and incompetent(and not too swift).I also got the "too bad" attitude.

I will never do business with them again.

I would say maybe all those replies were from people other then employees but it was exactly the "service" I received.. I got the distinct impression that I was interrupting employees social hr. on phone talking to ,I assumed,to a friend. I was told the reason my order was not delivered as yet was because the truck driver had probably taken weekend off..PROBABLY!!!!Who is the customer here?

Menards or the trucking co.??

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When I call I get something different from everyone, but no one is trying to find out were my order is that I placed and paid for 3 weeks ago, but me :(


That guy Silberman cracks me up.



Menards in my town is a great place to shop. Good employees.

Your wife probably left you for a Menard's employee....


I think that you are just unhappy cause you are fat and your wife left you for another woman. Get over it!


Ditto with everything Yeah, I work there just said, well put!


You sound like an ***.


Hi Genie im here to order a special order! My wish is for something I dont knwo what it is, im not sure what size it might be.

All I know is its a thing you use in a thing, and then it works for you want it to be. Can you ship it right now?

I need it tomorrow for a job that has to be done ASAP, yeah I know I could of ordered it 3weeks ago I was just to busy/lazy to do so. So any way I need it now or I wont buy it, Ill just go to your competition even though Ill have to wait even longer since you cant help me!




As one of those not too swift employees, I must take umbrage with your assertation that the complaints posted on this site are 100% true. I would refer you to a recent post from a happy shopper that completely contradicts your statement. Further, citing posts on a blog intended to air the grievances of irate consumers is probably not the most accurate way to gauge the level of service. Its a bit like measuring 99 midgets and one tall guy and proclaiming that the world is full of midgets because you have the data to back it up.

As to the attitude of the replies, there are definite categories. Severeal of the postings are by admittedly disgruntled ex-employees, there are current employees who clearly are committed to thier work as evidenced by how personally they take criticism, and there was one guy who claimed to be a 12 year old kid and made fun of the guy who dropped the 1x4's.

In addition, the anonymity posited by the internet allows a level of vigor in these replies that, in my opinion, would not be present in the workplace.

You have not deemed to give any of the specifics of your order, such as date of order, estimated delivery date, date you were checking the order, et al, so I would not be able to actually render insight as to the wherabouts of your order. It is possibile that you were looking for your order prior to the estimated delivery date, which tend to be fairly accurate.

In addition, OTR (over the road) truckers have a very strict road log they must maintain, which stipulates the number of hours rest required based on the number of hours travelled. I'm not completely sure of the specifics of how the hourages are calculated, but the net result is that some truckers will bank some of theose rest hours to be able to spend more time with their families. I would hardly fault them for that.

Further, there recently was a long holiday weekend, so that may have caused delays with your order.

I am also assuming that the product you ordered did not ship out af a plant or holding facility located in Cedar Rapids or any other flood ravaged town.

I was not at the counter when you were told that the trucker was taking the weekend off. My experince working at Menards would lead me to believe that this is an edited remark, and there is a considerable amout of the conversation that hasn't been included.

Finally, I am on the phone for directly business related needs on numerous occasions throughout the day, and yes, there are occasions where a guest will approach me while I am on the phone. Because a team member is on the phone does not mean they are ignoring you. Because a team member is on the phone does not mean they are taking personal calls.

Now that I have met your objections I hope an amicable solution is reached in the instance of your mystery delivery