Bismarck, North Dakota

Menards, inc. would not stand behind 7 trees (arborvitae) that i purchased within a year.

they froze and died, but to take the cake, i did not notice a tag on the tree, that says "likely to winterburn in ND resulting in dieback or death", Now if they knew this, why in the *** would they sell them in this part of the country. i suppose they figured on *** people like me would still buy them. I emailed the Lawn and Garden buyer from Menards, Tom Brand, he could give a rip, sorry, your mistake. Greed ervin j.

barta, bismrck, nd.

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If the trees were not suitable for ND, WHY were they offered for sale in North Dakota in the first place? Everyone says "read the tags", sounds like the managemnt chorus.


Lot's of people buy plants to transport to other properties that they own in other states. Menards is unfortunately not in every location for some peoples property so when they want to get a great price on an awesome tree, that even YOU LIKED, they'd be able to buy it at a great low price and take it to where it will flourish.

Read your tags and don't garden if you don't know what you're doing.

That's just silly, you know...

kind of like thinking that complaining to a silly website will actually get you anywhere. Durrrrrrrrrrrrr.


guess this teaches you to read signs...huh?


What *** buys trees or plants without reading the tags?


You seem pretty knowledgeable on this tree, why did you buy it? Its not Menards fault.

If you buy a palm tree from there and stick it outside, is it their fault too? If you buy a Mazarati car in this climate and drive it in the snow, is it their fault?