Argusville, North Dakota

Menards sold me some 25 year shingles and they evidently are faulty. A portion of the shingle is actually falling off the shop that we put them on. I had them put on by a professional and when I took the part that fell off into the store they gave me a # in Mississippi to call to get a complaint form.

The form tells me to take pictures, have a professional remove two of the shingles and mail them at my expense to Mississippi for review. If they find that they are faulty they will send someone out to inspect them. I live in ND and am a widow and this seems ridiculous to me. They sold the shingles with the guarantee why can't they send someone out to inspect the situation rather then me hire someone to tear my roof apart with the hope that they will take responsibility.

They told me they have too much inventory to send someone out everytime they have a complaint but I'm pretty sure if something else had a problem they would take care of it and send it in for review themselver. I have always liked doing business with Menards but this has really made me think about their dependability.

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It's as easy as this, MANUFACTURER WARRANTY! This means the manufacturer wannanties the product not Menards.

Also what time of year were these installed? Too often I see people install shingles in October and November when it's too cold and the don't seal down properly.

There is NO WAY in *** these shingles simply fell off if they were installed properly. Please accept the fact that your "professional" probably didn't know what they were actually doing and screwed things up.


not all "professional" companies are true "professionals"you should have researched and made sure you were going to pay for something worth 25 year shingles may be cheaper..but so may the quality should have gone with the good expesive ones.menards is only the person that sold it so if you want to deal with the problem you deal with the the way if you go to menards there is also a blue form that goes to corporate and they deal with the vendors and try and help fix the problem


In the case of shingles, 9 times out of 10 when they are defective, it is the result of being installed incorrectly. The manufacturer has to be ther judge of that.

If Menards was in charge of the shingle company's warranty, they could go out to a buddies place and tell the shingle company "bad product, we want a new roof for free". The shingle company would be out of business if they trusted another person to be the judge of that or go out on their behalf.

I know that Menards sells the product, but they don't have control over a "bad batch" of shingles. Sometimes things like this happen, and you have to take the necessary steps to get it corrected.