Wapakoneta, Ohio

I purchased 4 sets of Candy Cane rope lights at Menards through Sept/October. We put them up a week ago (1st of December) and they *** things wouldn't work or blew as soon as plugged in.

I paid $11.00/set for them. I had the receipts of purchase but because it was beyond a 14 day period, I could only get a clearance price for defective mdse. This policy is WRONG. I understand if we were returning items in working order to be resold but these were defective items.

The clerks and manager were rude and unsympathetic. I plan on doing some remodeling next year and my father is in construction.

YOU JUST LOST OUR BUSINESS MENARDS! I am planning on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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How has that worked out for you??? hahaha retard


around Christmas time the holiday items are marked down on a regular basis, so when you want to buy that item and then return it they're going to assume you're returning it to buy the ones on the shelf at a lesser price. Had you wanted to simply EXCHANGE the "defective" items that would not have been a problem.


IRISH, a lot of what was in my post was in regards to what you said. You actually have it all wrong, but you probably won't ever realize it.


So, if I'm planning on buying an air compressor I should plug it in to make sure it airs up all the way? Haul it home like that?

That's safe. Maybe I could unbox some air tools and see if they work too, but I would also need an air hose and you guys sell those too. What if I want a 240 volt model? I bet there are outlets all over the place for things like that, but they don't come equiped with plugs on the chord since there are so many different configurations.

But, that's ok because I know electrical has them! How about a cordless drill... tear open the cardboard, cut the zip-ties on the case (I bet a friendly floor worker would do that for me, since I didn't bring a box-cutter), use one of your convenient "outlets" to charge up the battery, and half an hour later I can try out the drill? I know the display models probably work (though most likely drained batteries) but I need to see if my particular model would work, right?

That wouldn't just *** you people off even more? I saw, while working for Menards, how convenient it was for the store to defect out items that they broke or used... eg; yard boys drop a window, defect it out! I believe that you people rely on cutting throats to survive, but are overly paranoid that people are trying to do the same thing to you.

The lights didn't work, give a refund for God's sake! Instead you give back a ***-poor clearance rate to a used-to-be customer, defect the lights to recieve a 100%+ refund from the supplier (probably because Menards WOULD charge them a little something extra), and lose a lifetime customer and a contractor. Menards is ***! They think they won (maybe $15, but a win regardless), but they didn't.

Toots, how *** of a thing to say. Marissa, you are the worst! Just so you know, there are probably A LOT of people that want you to stay at Menards so that you don't help destroy a "good" company.

Menards, however, most likely does not care about you and whether or not you stay. HA!


They do not have to give money back to you because dues to your carelessness you damaged the product they sold you. No matter how many days you broke it.


First thing first, Menards has a 90 day return policy in which you would get your money back the way that you paid. So if you paid cash and returned it within the 90 day period, you would get it back in cash. It even says at the top of the receipt when the last day is that you can return the product and get your money back. If you don't return it within that time period you would get an in-store merchandise credit for the same amount that the product was purchased for.

Second, if the product is defective they should just be able to do an even exchange for the same product. It's a simple process that doesn't take more then the time it takes you to grab the new product. As someone else said we can even test to see if they work so you don't leave with another defective product.

Finally, having not used the product till 2-3 months after the product was purchased, many things could have happened to it that was not the stores fault.

I'm not saying I like Menards, but heck I work there and I work the service desk. So, I know how things work.


hey debbie menards is one of the biggest

retail stores who supports american made products

do your rearch and keep your trap shut if you dont know anything


1 .... they do have plugs for you to test your product before buying ...so your *** for not doing that

2.... the policy is a good one it keeps people from buying and only using for a short period of time and then returning them

3 ...with this policy it allows menards to keep they prices low

learn from your mistakes and plug lights in before the purchase ...duhhhhh


i just cut the biggest *** of my life


excuse me i just *** my pants


Sure! Just like my previous post, these mopes just don't tell the whole story.

Hey buddy, it's called the light tester, right in the area that you probobly trashed when you bought those lights. And as for you min, yea, that's the policy. You don't make up the rules. Let me walk into your house or job and start making my own rules and see how you treat me.


Deadbeat! Mope!


I think u all need to get a life.


Know the return policy. Make sure the product works when you buy it.

The End.


if you would read what the receipt says you would have known that you only had 14 days to return the product for the price you paid, and you could have checked to make sure the lights worked before the 14 days was up. they dont just put the words on there to amuse themselves.

if you would learn how to read u wouldnt look so ridiculous when you bring ur stuff in four months later and complain that you cant get all ur money back. theres a reason for the policies stores put into place.


the problem with that, debbie, is that american-based manufacturers and workers would demand a higher wage than foreign workers. while that would be good for the labor force, it would work against businesses and families who depend on low prices to get by in their daily lives.

if we truly did only buy american, prices would shoot up all around us, and put many things out of our affordability range.

we trade with countries like china because it is cheaper for them to make the product than it is for us to.

therefore, the price isn't as high when we purchase it. simple economics.


If people had any sense they would all get together and boycott shopping at the stores in the US until they sold American made products.

Hit em where it hurts


And actually it states the whole return policy on holiday merchandise on the bottom of your receipt, and all the other policys on returns on the back of your receipt. so if you did not read...im guessing the service desk person had to read it for you....that is your fault, however you could have exchanged the merchandise for the exact same item, if they didn't carry it you could have tried again next christmas.

and for mln if you used a debit card and signed for it like a credit card then the only option is to get an instore credit or a credit to your card...however if you put your pin number in like you should have done with a debit card then you have the choice of cash back to the card or instore credit....and as always thanks for shoping at menards where you always save BIG MONEY!!!


my mistake.

regardless, it is up to the consumer to educate themselves about the policies and procedures anytime they make a purchase a store. it is simply common sense to do this, and will save the consumer time and money.


Reread it again fella. This person bought the lights in september and october then put them up december 1st. Now that you have your facts straight you can go on giving menards a bad name by telling this person what an *** they are.


Even when you know the return policy, they still don't like to give you your money back. I returned an item 3 weeks after I purchased it.

I used my debit card and they were supposed to either give me my money back ( cash) or an in store credit. They would not give me cash, they said my only choices were an in-store credit or a credit back on my card. I took to credit on my card, and I'm still waiting. Initilly they told me 5 days, and then 8 days, and now they say 10-14 days.

Can't deal with anyone in the store because they say they can't help. They give you a number to call, but they never call you back.

There policies are anything they want to make them at the time. I will also be reporting to the BBB if they don't step up!!