Houston, Minnesota

Husband and I bought 6 boxes of vinyl tile at a closeout sale of 19.99 a box regular 39.99. We layed the tiles over new lauan floor and each tile the very same corner would not stick.

I filed complaint and they had us mail them 2 tiles not used and 2 tiles pulled up from the floor. I get a letter 4 weeks after this telling us we had 2 choices. Pull up the floor and bring back, or an instore credit.They said we didn't follow instructions and not usuing a primer was the cause. Primer was supposed to be used on concrete floors, They said the tiles were dried out, ya think, I wonder why, 4 weeks in menards mailroom?

The corners did not stick, same corner. Closeout special, you bet, wonder why? We have called UAW layers and hope for some action. An in store credit, are they nuts?

Why would we want anything else from that company. Oh, another thing, not once do they call you.

Monetary Loss: $324.

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I'm glad to see that Menard's top notch customer service reps. are here to provide support.


Take responsibility you screwed up & didn't read the full instructions, close out is for a reason you get what you pay for.


Are you *** kidding me, you used lauan plywood as underlayment and you're trying to blame Menards. Dumb *** next time read the warranty on the *** you buy.

It clearly states that usingunapproved underlayment voids the warranty.

Lauan is not an approved underlayment its stamed all over the plywood its self. Dumb ***


Lauan is not a good underlayment. Even if they had stuck, in five years when they starter to peel up it would not be covered by warranty dued to the lauan. The primer would have helped your cause, but a birch underlayment should have been used


The primer is used on concrete and wood to enhance adhesion. The other thing is that luaun is not a suitable underlayment for tile of any kind. It is stated on the beam with the price tag that it is not a suitable underlayment for tile.