Columbus, Ohio

I purchased a tiller from the lima ohio store,it is a off brand and when i first talk to saleperson i questioned its qoality he told me,if i was unhappy with it in any way,i could return it in 30 days no questions ask,i used the tiller one time and after 15-25 mins it would stop running,it did this several times,i attempted to return it the staore manager said i could not return it i would have to take it somewhere to have it repaired this made me very upset after telling him this not what i was told and didnt intend to spend my time getting a peice of chape like this repaired,he said i did not know who i was dealing with that he would have me arrestted and band from all menards,i left and left the tiller there,as far as band from manards i have spent several thousnds of dollars there and fell he would be doing me a favor ,i think this so call manager needs a job change i know alot of contractors in this area and have heard several similar storeies did not beleive,until today,this kind of coustmer treatment will lead to mamnards going out of bussiness in lima ohio,to me the sooner the better,besides there is a lowes across the street THATS WHERE I WILL BE GOING.

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We do all of our home shopping at Menards. We bought a house 2 years ago that needed/needs a lot of work. We have always been happy with Menards. However, we were VERY unhappy when purchased a Shop-Vac, drove it home, opened the package and the hose dumped pine needles, dirt, and sticks ALL over our couch!!!!! THEN, we found that parts were missing.

How are you selling me a "New" item at full price that's USED and MISSING PARTS!!??! If we wanted a used Shop-Vac that was missing parts, we would have bought one on Ebay for 1/2 the price.

I called my parents who also shopped at Menards to find out that they no longer shop there due to a 50 foot cord that they purchased, drove 35 miles away, unpacked, and found that it had been cut to a 20 foot and 30 foot cord.

If there is no good solution to this, we will be taking our business to Lowes and telling everyone we know not to shop at Menards.

-Very irritated


i agreed with you. we had problem with menards in massillion ohio.

we will never go back that place again.

from now on we will go to lowes. :)