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Menards contracts out delivery, I bought a new dryer on a Fri., the first thing I asked was do you take the old one and can I have next day delivery. They told me yes and scheduled me for A.M.

Sat., Well 12:15 came and no dryer or no phone call to let me know they were running late. I called to see and was told they had a new driver and he got lost in another town, with GPS's how can anyone get lost? He did say he should've called. The delivery man showed up at 1:10, all by himself, proceeded with a dolly , loaded dryer and started to pull it up my porch steps (6).

I asked him was there no strap to hold it on and he said no. I offered to walk behind it and hold it on.

He then tried to take it to my basement which has very steep steps (10) and couldn't get it around corner so he took it off the dolly and slid it down on it's side, I couldn't believe he did that, he then tried to push the old one up the stairs and I told him to just leave it and get out !

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it's an independent contract hauler. he decides when he works and what deliveries he does. As for the getting lost thing, GPS's are not perfect, they are several roads when you get further out in the country and rural areas that can not be found on GPS.


Actually, Menards does contract out, Heartless. Get your facts straight


Perhaps you should have done it yourself.. Wait a second I bet you don't take care of yourself and unable to take care of your own STUFF.

Lazy old fat ***......

Menards does not contract out deliveries. They have Delivery coordinator and it's all done in house.


NO it was not in a box.


be specific! was the new dryer still in the box when he slid it....i install furnaces and water heaters AND always slide them down the stairs IN BOX and never any scratches or dents as long as your careful and control the slide..