Galesburg, Illinois

Mennards was a breath of fresh air coming to Galesburg Ill. Lowes service sucked.

Now service is in the gutter at mennards lowes is great. No matter how hard you try to do business with mennards they screw it up. No one checks on merchandise. They tell you they have stuff but do not check.

Computer is incorrect and people will not physically check on orders.You buy things go to the yard to get them and amazing they do not have merchandise. Waste of time to call management. What a joke they have no clue either.I want to do business there but they wont let me. In talking to manager he says get contracor card for special service.

What about the every day customer. The prices are great service is really bad.Sorry mennards hate to say this in Galesburg Illinois your losing it. By the way on Sunday why not open on time. The girls wander up to the door five to ten after.

Maybe skip the last cup of coffee. It cost nothing to smile any one can be pissed off.

Hope you improve cause you have a lot of goods but your slipping to the point the bads are taking over. Thanks.

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i find it hard to believe that the store opened ten minutes late i know the procedeures on opening the store late so if it did believe me i know that it was delt with but thanks for the FYI


Jason, if you had typed more than a second grade sentence you might have made an error too. Retard.

Jeannie, it is obvious that you think you are on top of the world working for Menards.

There are snob nosed b_tches at each location. When that company goes under, people like you are F()cked.


Boo Hoo.......nothing will EVER please people like you


Learn how to spell. ***!