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I bought some cabinet hinges at Menards in Forsythe last week and mistakenly picked up 2 different which I didn't notice until I opened them..I called Menards and told them my problem and they were so kind..I took one pair back and they exchanged them even though I had torn the package when I opened it..A young lady at the service took care of my problem and she was so very nice and helpful..I am a long time Menard customer and I have never witnessed any of the problems I read here..I would imagine that those who find faults with Menards , find fault with about every store they do business with..

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thank you for your opinion mr menards employee....... sorry I mean "sensible customer".

If you yourself never had issues with menards nor walked past store employees being rude to customers over the many year you shopped there you must most naive consumer ever. Every menards store has issues with being understaffed by unmotivated employees who play hide and seek when they see a customer in need of assistance, and falsely accuse everyone of fraud based on absolutely nothing then age, race, handicap, ETC.


You sound like a once fired employee. Hope your next job is working out better for you .

These are self service stores. Do u also grocery shop or do u walk in the front door and hand a list to the first person you see.