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Thank you for almost burning down my house with your garbage Electronics you will be hearing from my attorney you slack bastards

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Such a well-worded complaint. I'm guessing either a child posted this or you are wearing sweats and living in your parents basement. Get a life.


They sold an X-mass tree 2 years ago that cost almost $400.00 and would catch on fire, they did not recall them they sold them fast. Sure they did not make them but they sure as *** did not stand by them either.The is the point in time "Anonymous" will start to call me a drunk or something to discredit the facts.

Yes, that how lame they are. Don't believe me just google "Menards lawsuits" or look them up on the BBB and see their FANTASTIC "F" customer ratings...

to M. Bauer #1512115

Are you the original poster who posted the complaint above?


Menards didn't manufacturer whatever you are complaining about. You should be complaining about the manufacturer of the product.

The manufacturer is liable for any defects in their products. When stores like Menards purchase a product from a vendor they require the vendor to accept all responsibility for defects in a product.


I hope you have the money to pay your attorney.You Do realize that when you mention the word attorney, Menards Will Only deal with your attorney, Not you.So Exactly What happened to cause you to post a complaint stating that Menards will be dealing with your attorney?That information Is Not included in your complaint.No one is a mind reader.

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