Decatur, Illinois

We looked at this sweepit 264-1332 and were so disappointed at the quality of the unit. The whole unit is so flimsy that it wouldn't last thru a few passes on our small (50x150) lot which is 50% consumed by house,garage and drive.

We find your quality of products had deteriorated so dramatically in the past few years and this is a pathetic example. When our grandkids worked there several years ago, they were proud to assist but they saw what was happening and left.

Their complaints fell on deaf ears as I'm sure this note will be pitched in the trash.

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Your all a bunch of ***. Buy what you want. Go to the grocery store and buy tools for all I care.


A well kept secret in the tool industry is Metabo. They make the best hammer drills on the planet.

I have friends who install carpet for a living and they drill into more concrete floors than a person should, and these drills really do the job.

I'll go cry again since Dave thinks I am a doosh. =(


I am not a doosh. In fact I donate thousands of dollars yearly to local churches and to Habitate for Humanity.

I have helped fix porches and fix roofs for free for poor income family. I never said having money makes mebetter than anyone. What I do with what I have makes me feel proud. That said - How has your Tool Shop tool collection worked out for ya ?

I abuse my Ridgid tools often and have had no issues.

The 1/2" masterforce drill I got about a year ago is in the trash. Thanks


Hey lookn at buying Masterforce air compressor hoses and guns for starting out on the roofing construction. Neone have an opinion.


rigid fan - I can guarantee you something. You do NOT make more money in a month..blah...blah.

I know this because anyone that makes 12x someone else is intelligent enough to keep that information to themselves. Even if you did make superior money, that is no indication of being a superior person. I've know a lot of people in my life. Some rich, some poor.

Money has very little to do with quality of character. Finally, I've also discovered that when someone starts insulting someone else it tends to be caused by a weak position to begin with.


Here's the little secret. I work for Menards and 85 percent of the masterforce *** is made by other companies.

Masterforce sawzall blades are made by morse.7.25" Saw blades, by Bosch. the drills have the same motors as bosch, and almost ALL OTHER BRANDS produced by a company called chevron. If you compare their cordless drills, they're oddly similar to Rockwell in shape, style, design, and battery types. Going through freight you can open a box with Bosch numbering and it'll be full of Bosch, Dremel, Vermont american, and guess what.....MASTERFORCE.

I've personally abused the *** out of half the products they make and have have very few.problems. learn how to use your *** tools properly or quit being cheap ***.


I would have to agree ridgid fan does seem to be a doosh .. :eek


Looking for table saw. Went to Menards and the guy said the Masterforce table saw is great.

5 year over the counter warranty.

I'm still thinking. Any thought?


One of my 18V batteries pooped out on me, so I took it to a Ridgid service dealer and they exchanged it for a new one no questions asked. I recently purchased a Masterforce 1/2" drill and I love it.

I got it on sale for $79.00.

I have been using the masterforce cobalt drill bits and they chew through metal nicely. Thanks for the info.


My boyfriend recently bought a Masterforce drill. He was leery about buying a brand he had never heard of, but talked to a Menards associate.

We were told that they are made by a little company known as Chevron.

He also told us that they make Craftsman tools. They seem to be high quality tools at an affordable price.


I have shopped Menards religiously for 20 years, even though Home Depot is across the street. I started buying Masterforce recently (miter saw stand, portable tool stand, etc.) and they are first rate.

I haven't bought all their Master Force products yet, but most look pretty durable and fairly priced. As a DIYer who uses tools A LOT (almost like a contractor) all my Master Force have stood the test. Tool Shop sold by Menards is another issue. Like anything you have to evaluate what you buy and not just BUY.

Masterforce has nice features, are built with heavy components, and should last many years. I've looked at Rigid but overall don't like their design or features.


Purchased Reciprocating Saw Blades Oct 2010.Tried cutting through 1/2" wide x 1/4 " thick "Aluminum"

After 1-cut, the blade is particaly ground flat..

After 2-cuts, Half the blades teeth are now ground flat.

Made by "Master Force"

Last year I purchased the EXact same blades. 1-blade cut ALL the aluminum I needed to cut (and then some)

NeVeR Again will I purchase Master Force blades, purchased from Menards.


I've been trying to find out who's behind it. It hasn't been easy. I don't shower much.


Wow that was really informative! I learned nothing about who really makes masterforce tools and if things like there impact wrenches etc stand up to heavy auto. Abuse.


What makes me an ***? I make more money in a month than you do in a year.

Thank you for your intelligent comment. Your mother is proud of you for pumping gas.


People get real. I agree with the common sense people on this page.

I would get complaints on all sorts of Sears stuff. Like a mower complaint. Nasty language hurts the ears. Then I asked if it was the body or the motor.

Well most issues are the motor. Same with tools, who makes those motors. Ryobi, Electrolux and others make Sears stuff.

So research. I wouldnt want a new Corvette for $10,000 if it had a 4 banger motor in it.


ridgid fan is an ***


Well i know dewalt and all the other big names have just as many recalls as masterfoce so look around befor you call on junk may be you are just dum!!


hitachi and paslode, nothing else matters


Masterforece tools have nothing to do with Bosch. Bosch makes SKIL, Porter Cable makes Delta, DeWalt makes Black and Decker.

Yes Masterforce tools have a 3 to 5 year warrenty, RIDGID from Home Depot have LIFETIME, say it with me, LIFETIME warrenty even on batteries. You get what you pay for, same with cars. A masterforce tool collection for a home owner would last many years, it would not last for a contractor or with steady use.

I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Makita tools also. Stick with big name tools, you'll save money and be happier in the long run.