Reston, Virginia
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bought Handy Trends flashlight combo. Installed batteries.Smelled something wierd.

Lantern body really hot. Took out batteries,one exploded. Put in new, same thing happened. Took it back, no receipt.Stuck with it,even thought there were same items on shelf.

Same visit wanted to buy items from ad. First day of sale. None available,no rain checks,higher priced item placed in spot where sale price was still present.

Looks to me like illegal bait and switch going on here. I will no longer be shopping here and will tell all I know about these deceiving practices,fix this

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Mendards will scan bar code and give you current prices so save the bULL *** :)


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Then don't buy *** from China. Problem solved.


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I recently bought a discontinued garage heater (made in U.S.A.) for $399 and found out that Menards was replacing it with a another brand (made in China) for, are you ready for this, $399. It's no wonder we're losing jobs to China.

This only proves that Menards, like most other large retailers, only cares about making a few extra bucks and has no interest in how fast this nation is being destroyed from within by these big corporations. Or motto should be changed from God Bless America to God Help America.


If this *** flashlight was causing batteries to "explode", then why in the world would you reload it? You are the reason warning labels were invented.

Unfortunately, you actually have to read the label for it to be effective, so short of having a full time label reader follow you around, I am pretty sure that this kind of thing is going to happen to you again. Just a friendly little word of advice-- if you do something and bad things happen, try not to do it again. And let me guess, since you posted this right around Christmas, the item you were looking for was probably some sort of Christmas decoration from the Dutch Auction Sale. The same dutch auction sale that was emblazoned with the "hurry in for best selection-when it's gone it's gone" script all over it.

It was an inventory clearance sale. Operative word "CLEARANCE".

There may not have been any of the item at the store because it had already been sold out. Goob.


1. :cry boo hoo.

2. deceiving practices? bait and switch? paranoid much?


rain checks are a thing of the past. first come first serve, as far as I'm concerned.


the only comment here that didn't really bother me was the one by Ugg


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I hate people who complain about returning something. If you don't have your receipt almost anywher you can't return it and get all your money back.

I lost a receipt on something I had to return. I got the lowest sales price for in store credit like I expected.

And as far as items in the wrong spot people are lazy. People grab items and are to lazy to put them back in the right spot.


At my Menards you can look up your transaction and reprint your receipt if you lost your original one.


If guests would learn to put items back where they found them we wouldn't have that problem now would we. Or maybe someone thought they could pull a fast one and you got there first.


probably should have saved your receipt then, huh?


Well, if you would read your receipts and the return policy of Menards, you would see that you require a receipt to return anything. This is true for almost every retail store.

Reason for no rain checks: probably because it was "while supplies last". Higher priced item in wrong spot: some previous customer decided he/she would put the item back on the shelf not knowing where it goes minutes before you were there and the employees had not seen it yet.