Cary, Illinois
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I bought a Canopy from Menards that turned out to have been previously used. I brought it back to them and was treated as though I did soemthing wrong.

After long arguments with store personel, One of the Store managers said "it happens what do you want me to DO about it" THey offered me $30.00 price adjustment to offset them breaking the law, my time and hassle. Do not trust them!

They will not take care of problems that could have been prevented. I complained to the corporate office and have not recieved any better service from them.

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Tengbrecht clearly does not understand the process. Why on earth would we open something up to just open it up?

It's a waste of time and money. Unless we have a reason to open a package it will never happen. You couldn't tell, Menards couldn't tell, the person who is at fault is the person who returned it and LIED.

Hunt them down if it's that big of a deal to you. I really hope some day the situation is reversed so you can see how the process is in a retail store when it comes to items and returns.


actually you are ***

Still have it

still use it

never opened the box to look if it was used (while in the store).

sounds like you are a ***


As everyone else asked; if it was so easy to see it was used why the heck did you buy it?! Sound like you're a retail opportunist; you buy something and use it for a season and then the next year you go back and buy the same item to replace the old and worn one and then return the old one using the new receipt.

We're not ***, I know what you're doing, and it's pathetic!


As Murdered out has pointed out. If it was so easy to tell how damaged it was... Then exactly why did you buy it? It's pretty obvious you didn't notice any problems until you got it home. Just like a cashier wouldn't notice any issues if it was returned in it's original packaging and the person returning it said it was fine! It would be an absolute waste of time to open something up to find out it was totally fine to have to repackage it. You clearly have never tried to repackage something before.

Another problem when opening items up the packaging can get damaged and then people will refuse to buy it saying it was used. We get people in all the time who want us to open something up to look at it and we do, but guess what it NEVER GOES BACK IN THE WAY IT CAME OUT. It almost always looks like it was a returned item. No one in their right mind is going to go threw that hassle when the person returning the item insisted it was fine.

It's becoming even more clear you have no idea how chaotic the return desk can be. Often there is only 1 person dealing with a line of people. There is not enough time in the day to do a full examination of an item in 30 seconds or less.

The best part about your silly argument is the fact Menards even offered you a $30 discount once the problem was discovered. You took it as them trying to get around the law, but what they were doing was trying to HELP YOU OUT! They didn't have to offer you anything.


So...let me understand this. "It was not in good does not take a 10 point inspection to see that this was clearly used and not in good repair."

How did you manage to get this into your cart, through the register and loaded into your vehicle without noticing this was "clearly used and not in good repair?" Sounds to me like you are quick to point blame at a young cashier with no knowledge of this item, when you clearly are no better. Thanks for playing, though.


To Menards: A cashier at the service counter, there is a great move! My favorite part - It is a hassle for you to prevent a hassle for the customer - WOW and Im the one that doesnt understand. Please keep proving my point for me - Thanks!


You still don't understand..... THE GUEST RETURNED THE ITEM! THE CASHIER GOES WHY ARE YOU RETURNING IT? THE GUEST GOES BECAUSE I DIDN'T LIKE IT! THE CASHIER GOES IS IT USED? THE GUEST GOES NO IT'S NOT USED(fear of them saying no we won't take it back.)THE CASHIER LOOKS AT THE ITEM IN IT'S BOX LOOKS FINE. It hits the return cart and goes back on the shelf.

I would also like to add the cashier has the least product knowledge in the store so if it passes what they know then it ends up back on the shelf. There is NO LAW STATING EVERY ITEM MUST BE FULLY INSPECTED before putting back on the shelf. Also it's a hassle to take stuff like that out of it's packaging so most the time it just gets a quick glance at by our least experienced employee.

WHAT HAPPENED WAS AN ACCIDENT! IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL. The real person you should be mad at is the person who returned the item and lied!


Response: No it was not in good condition as well as parts missing. It does not take a 10 point inspection to see that this was clearly used and not in good repair.

Menards comment: Yes it is against the law to sell used merchandice as new without notifying the consumer.

Thank you for proving the point of you dont care about your customers experiences! I love the "if you dont look at it, it must be ok statement"


How were you planning on using it? I'm sure it was in good condition and I believe these are used outside in the elements where I would think you would use it. Oh man your canopy was rained on.....its worthless now, better go get a new one...keep that economy moving :)


Returns people can not do a 10 point inspection on every returned item, the best they can do is ask if the item is damaged or used. If the customer says it's fine, on the shelf it goes.

I personally think that customers believe that if they tell them that they used it and just don;t like it, that they will not refund the item. This is how this stuff occurs, I believe.


No law against selling returned items. Allow me to explain the scenario that occurred that you cannot comprehend.

Customer brings back the canopy in it's original packaging. To the cashier it looks unused, so they take it back for full price. It then hits the return cart and gets put backed onto the floor to be sold. The only law would be against knowingly selling a defective item.

All stores put returns back on the floor for regular price if it's not noticeably damaged or used. In this situation no one had any idea how used it was until YOU BOUGHT IT!