Lincoln, Nebraska

Bought a LAWN DEVIL self-propelled mower from Menards. I took the mower out of the box, put it together added gas and oil and started it up.

Started mowing and before I get half the mowing done the self propelled unit goes out. Take it back to Menards and they inform me that since I put gas and oil in it they can no longer take it back and that I will have to take it to a Third party to get it fixed. I called the only place in my area to get it fixed and they tell me it will take at least 2 weeks before they can look to it.

If you are going to buy anything that requires gas or oil DO NOT buy it from Menards as they will not back the product AT ALL.

Monetary Loss: $268.

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Most likely the plastic teeth in the wheel stripped out. These self drive units are ment for golf courses....lmao.

Any amount of real grass and it just cant take the stress. Wish they made steel toothed replacements


I love post like these! So much ignorance going on.

One fool says stop selling low quality China products, yet he does not realize PEOPLE WANT CHEAP THINGS! They choose to buy the cheapest possible, heck that's why they go to Menards to begin with IT'S CHEAP! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. YOU CHOSE TO BUY CHEAPEST SELF PROPELLED UNIT MENARDS CARRIES, and then had high expectations!

That's what I call stoopid! Let's continue with more stoopidness. It's your responsibility as the consumer to learn the return policies for what you purchase. It's stated all over the area by the lawn mowers, your receipt, the front desk and on Menards website that you cannot return gas powered equipment once gas has been added to the unit.

The unit most go to a repair place where it will be covered by the manufacture warranty as long as it was not caused by you or a wear and tear problem. The reason this is to protect Menards from being a free rental shop and many consumers simply do not have any clue how to maintain a lawn equipment and rather frequently destroy the unit themselves. To TOP IT OFF the Lawn Devil self propelled future has an easy fix to it. All Menards stores were made aware of the issue and all you need to do is call the 1-800 number on your owners manual-(you probably tossed this out) and they will guide you to fixing the issues.

We were told it's simple as tightening a couple nuts. Learn from this it will help you a lot with making future purchased on what not to do.


that is normal, businesses cannot take back products that are fueled. it isn't menards as this bozo suggests, it is a law that busineses including menards but not solely menards have to follow.


For the love of god, how many times have we seen this in regards to gas powered returns from Menards. If you are going to post something on here in regards how Menards is not going to allow you to return the gas powered item, then must have a least read and seen the other complaints that others have experienced, but yet you somehow think that you are different and they are just going to process the return for you.

It states right there on the return policy that once gas is put in, you will need to see a service center. There is a reason why there is a warranty put in place and it is not the retailers job to process that warranty, but the manufacture.

Next time before you make a high dollar purchase on ANY ITEM, do your research before buying. This includes what will happen if the product breaks down.


Or just have menards get out of the small engine business all together instead of selling low quality Chinese equipment

@Ex menards customer

Unfortunately as the poster demonstrated there is a demand for low quality Chinese equipment. If there were a greater demand for more expensive higher quality equipment they would have more on the shelf. People just don't want to pay the price of a good mower.

@Ex menards customer

why should menards not be able to sell what most other retailers sell. the products menards sell are very similar to other stores similar to menards, give them a break.

if you want very expensive products, then pay the money. it is a money thing....


It is NOT the responsibility of the retail store to back the product. It IS the responsibility of the manufacturer to back the product.

The manufacturer backs the product by repairing it, if there is a defect, at an authorized service center. As a consumer it is YOUR responsibility to understand what the warranty covers BEFORE you make the purchase. The policy on gas powered product is clearly posted at the store.

You made the choice to make the purchase anyway. You have no reason to complain that they are providing exactly the remedy for a defect that you paid for.