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I really dont mind bagging my own items---but---give me enough time to do it before the next customers stuff comes down the line.Also,I bag everything before I pay-I dont need to hear,thats $48.16 sir.I'll pay when i'm done bagging.If there in such a hurry, have those people who stand behind and look at everyone help bag.I'm not even sure what the "stand behinders" do.I want their job though,they tend to act and look important.I will still go to Menards because of its good location.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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They are standing there so that they can watch to make sure that you aren't going to rip anything off.


im a head cashier at menards and the reason we dont have self checkouts is because we have lumber and many items that don't have sku's on them for the guests to ring up so DUH YOURSELF. further more i try to help guests bag as much as possible but my high guest traffic store i have to stand by the door and thank guests and watch out for shoplifters.

its a self help store so bagging your own merchandise isn't that big of a deal get over it. the head cashier has to help guests in the front office, get bells for cashiers that need me and do all the other things with the registers not bag all day; we're not baggers. and for those who say they're going to lowes or home depot, im sorry you feel that way but as i recall they just shut down 8 home depots around my area and opened a few menards...

we're better than them over all and people know it but use that as a threat to get their way. :p


I'll get over it by going somewhere that doesn't have mouthy. employees who bag my stuff.lumber Jacks has American lumber lowes and Home depot have good service and hardware.

@done with you

FF to now. 2019.

Home Depot is now FULL self-checkout......and I hate it with a passion. I never go there at all anymore. Menard's, please don't ever go full self-checkout.

If you do, I will go back to Ace and True Value hardware stores forevermore. Personal & business human contact is priceless, and always will be.


What's wrong with the self check out at Home Depot? You can scan your products, pay and head out the door.

At Menards you wait in line because they would rather have a bunch of people stand around their front office talking rather than checking out customers. Give me self check outs any day.


I thought the head cashier was the one on their knees by the end of the register being ready, willing and able to provide "maximum satisfaction" to the client / customer.


We are called Head Cashiers thank you! :grin We don't stand there and do nothing. We make sure the process runs smoothly and everyone gets taken care of, even on your way out the door. If you need help loading in the parking lot, we get you a carry out. If something is ringing up at what you believe is the wrong price, we figure it out for you. When you are upset we sit and listen to you yell at us in front of the other 50 guests that are in the store. We put a smile on our face no matter how bad of a day we are having. It is the cashiers job to tell you how much you owe. They dont care if you bag your stuff first or after you pay, it is just procedure to tell the guest how much they owe. You should try being a cashier just once at Menards and see how much *** you have to deal with. I had a guy yell/swear at me for 5 minutes because I wasn't moving fast enough for him when I contacted a department to get him the correct thing he was looking for when he grabbed the wrong thing to begin with. Its not my fault you are in a hurry and stop in on your lunch break and you ran into problems.

So why doesnt the person just standing there help you pack up your stuff? They get paid to make sure no one walks out with anything unpaid and that everything is running smoothly. They help in the front office with all the guest complaints and try to make everyone happy.

Finally, they proly don't help you pack your *** because they have gotten yelled at from enough people before you for helping bag. How is the head cashier supposed to tell the difference from a guest who wants their stuff bagged for them from a guest who doesnt? But then again, you are prolly one of those perfectly healthy guys who makes the 110 lb head cashier load your 50lb bags of salt on to a cart because you are too lazy to do it yourself. Oh but then make it ok and say you cant do that, I can handle it. Sorry buddy, I'm going to show you up in front of these 20 other people and make sure they know you are a lazy *** Thank you!


I agree with Dogbreath-What has happened to service in this country.If this is the case,have self checkouts only!!I really dont NEED a clerk to tell me how much I owe,and I'm bagging my own goods anyway..Hummm...Who's the fool??


what a *** this guy is. it's called "training a new cashier". if it weren't for crochety old *** like you, the whole process would likely go a lot smoother.


I was a cashier at Menards. I was there when the cashiers did the bagging for you.

I actually liked it that way. Not many cashiers like to have our backs facing the customers, for the fact it is/was truely hard to watch to see if a customer was walking out the door with an unpaid item. I was also there when it went to the new way. When I was a cashier there.

I did tend to help the customer help bag there merchandise to help speed up the process. Will I ever work for Menards again? No. for many reasons.

Will I shop in Menards?

Yes. Cuase out on the floor in the Departments there is great services.


Or... they are cashiers that have been there for awhile and are "standing behind" the new cashier that is at the checkout and training them. Brilliant idea don't you think?


They are called "Head Cashiers" and they help when the item you find does not ring up at what you thought it shuold. They research the problem and ensure that you are taken care of. They also coordinate the runnings of the front end.