Knob Noster, Missouri

why doesn't sedalia,mo.manager at menards give military discounts like the menards store in jefferson city, mo. does.

does the manager in sedalia,mo. not like the military? so we will go to lowes or sutherlands with our money who gives military discounts.i will tell all military not to buy there.

he was very rude about it when we ask him why he did not give it and he did not give us a answer.we will not go there even if things are on sale. we will pay full price somewhere else before we go there again.

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God you retarded. Maybe ask them if they give retards discounts, they don't but *** your already asked for a military dicount to save a few pennies you cheap *** bag


We are not allowed to give a military discount because our merchandise is already discounted. In reason, go ahead and shop at lowes because even after they give you your spectacular 10 percent camo discount, you will still be paying more than you would for regular prices at menards. Get over it.


I served my time and did my country proud in the Air Force. And unlike you I'm embarrassed to ask for a military discount.

What makes you more privileged than everyone else?

How about the police, fire fighters, teachers, etc.

Do they get a discount? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!


I love how you say you will pay full price somewhere else. Because obviously you won't pay full price since you throw a fit if you dont get a military discount.


So you joined the military to get discounts at a store? Loser.