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Security guards save the stores money but do not get any rewards. Like discounts or pay raises for long peroids of time if any!

Plus take alot of *** from customers over the way things are done with returns. Guards need to be treated with raises and discounts for shopping where they work ! Menards Treats Sec. Guards Likes *** and under pay them.

Menards needs to value them more than they do cause lots of wood and misc. stuff could be taken, if these nice people was not one the job. Mr.

Menard needs to step up and give them discount and more money per hour for the *** they deal with!

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I believe that all any Gate guard wants is to be Shown some respect by Menards TM's. Not all Customers/Guest that come in the yard are disrespectful but then there are the ones that can

be very rude and even HARASS the Guards just for doing the job that they are paid to do.


I used to be a gate guard at Menards and they're the worst company to have a post at they treated us like complete dog *** and on top of that I would get nothing but complaints from almost every costumer that would come in and out of the lumber yard about their costumer service and be mad at us sometimes as well about it. They under pay us and tried yelling at us for anything they can think of.

We would radio for our breaks and I would sit there for usually in between an hour and a half to hours having to really use the restrooms or dying of thirst or hunger almost every time I needed a break. I don't recommend Menards as a post to consider working at for any contracted or uncontracted security guards as gate guards and be treated like you're worthless.

I was also harassed multiple times by some of the Menards undercover security or a Menards employee when I would go in for breaks. Like I said this is a *** hole company to work around and just beware working in that environment!


As an owner of a private security company, I can honestly say that as an independent contractor we are NOT entitled to any discounts and/or gratuities. If I ever found out that one of my Officers excepted a gratuity They would be terminated on the spot.

We are hired to do a job and to do it to the best of our abilities nothing more nothing less. As security Officers it is our job to "take ****" from customers, we are trained to do such, and the point of that is for us to take the blunt of it in order to better protect our clients as we are paid to do. My view is, if you can't take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Hard work is just that, hard work.

Stop crying and do your job.


I guess that whole "get another job" thing sounds so easy to do when, in fact, yes, it's very difficult. But the choice is yours.

Do you continue to hang around with the pitiful creatures who work at Menards and do his bidding? Or do you invest a little time in yourself, get out there, interview and move up?


I love when everyone says "just get another job" like picking a flavor of ice cream,as if its that easy. I was unemployed for 6 months before this *** job,but I am happy to have it.


Yes, the guards get treated poorly by customers and the job isn't much fun. It's also a job where you can basically sit around over 50% of the time reading or doing whatever.

I've never understood the "I do my job the way I'm supposed to, so you should pay me more". You get paid what you get paid on the assumption you're doing it well. If you don't like it then find another job.

And I've worked the guard desk at Menards, it was probably the easiest job I've ever had and the amount of down/free time is amazing.

When I got tired of the low pay, i found another job that paid better and was harder. It's an easy solution.


u must be a menards mgr. or emp. u got answers to everything.


I worked in one of those shacks for better than 4 all sorts of weather here in the midwest. It was better sometimes to deal with the guests than to deal with the employees...especially management...too many nit picky rules and fines. I moved on because i had no benefits at the company I worked for

Have a good day


Sorry, nothing so scandalous as sleeping with a Menards manager or anything of the sort. I work in retail.

Everyone in our store is responsible for watching for shoplifters, dealing with upset customers, etc. It is part of the job, just as it is part of the security guard at Menards job. If they don't like their job, or parts of their job, they are free to look elsewhere for work. Simple enough.

Everyone, including the whiner, would be better off if they just found another job. No one wants to work with a whiner or complainer anyways.

If they choose not to leave, then they need to grow up, accept the responsibilities that come with the job, and cope like everyone else does. Some people just like to have something to complain about.


Why would it be Menards fault if the security guards are independent employees. I don't get extra money for dealing with tuff stuff where I work, why should anyone its part of the xpectations.


Midwest Mom must be sleepin with a menards mgr. is why she is Happy !!!!


I am not a sec. guard but shop at menards alot and have seen what the guards deal with and know a former guard . And work with another ones grand dad , he say they are treated like *** also!!!!


Again, an independent company provides security for Menards. Menards PAYS the company for the security guards to do their jobs - which includes preventing theft, handling customer issues as the customer enters or leaves the yards, and processing the returns coming into the yard.

When you accepted the job from the security company you accepted the payscale and terms of the employment. If you are unhappy with it, talk to your EMPLOYER , which is not Menards, or find another job. We all have to deal with our own situations.

Blaming Menards is a great way to vent (I suppose) but will not solve your issues. Grow up and deal with your issues properly or move on....


You need to be a CNA if you like wipen ***es


they may be independants hired to do sec. But they catch alot *** over the way menards does things and the Lazy emps.

hired to load customers in the yard. Thats why they need more $ and perks!


menards hires an independent security firm to prevent shoplifting. there is absolutely no responsibility to menards to "reward" them for doing their job. should i get money every time i wipe my own ***?

go dig for food out of a garbage, raccoon.