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Has anyone ever noticed everytime someone posts on here with a genunie fustration towards a situation, poor employee service or "pass the buck" policy at menards a person named Heartless always needs to chime in with his 2 cents. Always in a way that not only creates the illusion menards is the best thing since sliced bread but he does so in a way thats cuves the cause of the situation on the fustated customer often ending on the note of "shame on you" to a elderly customer who had to load 20 bags of cement while an audience of menards employees watched and played pocket pool or someone whos upset that the $200 patio chair broke at the welds when their 50 pound so sat on it, or a a trucker who needs to sit at the store 2 hours waiting for 3 pallets to be unloaded since hes the the bottom feeder of priority always or someone concerned why managers chooose to always have 5 registers open with no waiting while each department only has one employee whos backed up beyond belief.

Not only do those rude, *** and staight up *** coments draw a concern to customers reading on here but it makes menards stores look even poorer operated then if mr heartless just kept to himself. people have the right to express fustration, concerns, or disapointment without being insulted and made fun of.

Anyone who feels the same way towards this "heartless" person whos a menards employee in sheeps clothing SAY "I"

Monetary Loss: $122.

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Dear, dear disappointed customer.. If you have not noticed but Heartless nor any of us are waving a flag for Menards.

In fact there are several post that have not even a mention from one such Heartless. However, we are going to call it out like we see it. If you cannot deal with such verbal rebuttals to your complaints. SUCK IT UP!

This is America! Just like you have the God given American right to *** about something so trivial and ridiculous. We have the right to laugh and respond. It's in the Constitution.


Even though it is not an absolute amendment. I does give me the right to think and say you dear sir you are a tool.


THANK YOU FOR THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. With that being said you have things twisted.

This is a public forum. If your coming here looking for sympathy your coming to the wrong place. All I ever do is point out the obvious (BS) to their story. Most people on here think they are entitled to something they are in fact not entitled too.

If anyone had a real complaint any reasonable GM of Menards would listen to them and correct the issue. Now if they are just being a jack@ss and not listening or understanding the policy this is where they normally END UP.

Again thank you for the acknowledgment. I am making a difference! Thank you!


Menards or Rochester, MN has never ripped me off. I find them to do a great job. The staff there is always willing to help me. I have run into some who were not very knowledgeable or experienced, but that is to be expected in a retail setting, since new employees are needed.

I, however, have forgotten to send in some rebate forms, and found them many years later, too old to be redeemed, except that they have redeemed some that were many months past the "send in date" when I enclosed a note to "Supervisor".

One major problem I had with a manufacturer regular warranty (5 year on compressor) on a Maytag dehumidifier occurred when I had no receipt. The Menards receipt database did not go back far enough to help me. Maytag no longer sells dehumidifiers, and the program designed to cover warranties also required a receipt, not just a serial number and date of manufacture. I do not blame Menards for not being able to help me.


Poor baby..........