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i recently purchased a house that needs floors refinished. i was told by menards that reserving a sander was the best option, so i could plan ahead, and the sander would be there waiting. i reserved it on sunday(to pick it up on wed. and return it on fri.)i was printed out a receipt for my reservation. i went to pick up the sander and was told it was checked out.they said it should have been back already. they told me one sander had been turned in broken on mon. now they were down to only one sander. i guess they didn't bother to tell the renters of the only working sander, that it was reserved for wed. at 6:00 p.m. i could have been notified that there was a very good chance that my reservation was not going to be honored! i was ten minutes away from my work place,( from two other establishments that rented sanders), which i could have stopped and rented from. but once i drove 50 min. in other direction to get to menards, i didn"t have time to go back. Not to mention i was in quite a foul mood by then!!! this episode puts be behind schedule at least 1 week. which means i will have to pay for all utilities for at least another week in our old house, because people won't be able to move in, because i have no where to move my things to, because floors will not be done in time!!! i'm sure glad airlines and hotels and restaurants understand what a reservation is, or there would be a whole lot of upset people in the world!!! i was very upset that all i was told was "we're sorry but there's nothing we can do". well there is something that i can do. i've spent a lot of money at menard's in the past 15 to 20 years. i'm sorry to say that you've lost a longtime customer. i will not be shopping at the freeport menards store anymore!!! i will be driving the extra 30 minutes out of my way to go to home depot or lowes!!!!

sincerely upset,

bryan schweigert

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Rental items are rented on a 4 hour basis. If the guest that rented the item before you was late returning the item it is not Menards fault. You reserved the item for 6pm if the item was rented out at 10am it should have been back in plenty of time for you reservation, it is not Menards fault that someone else cannot follow the rules.


first off its not menards fault that the second sander broke. i agree they should have notified you, telling you that you might not be able to rent the sander due to it condition. From what i read, you wanted menards to tell the other person that was renting the sander that they need to adjust the time they a renting it to please you?