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I wrote the following letter to Menards of Salina, KS explaining my problem:

My husband and I are finishing our basement, and when we started our first project in the basement, a bathroom, I decided to use Menards even though Lowes was closer to our house and had cheaper prices as I was told Menards had better quality materials and better customer service than other stores.

I was sadly disappointed with Menards customer service. When I picked out my vanity yesterday two gentlemen helped me get it and the vanity topper from the top shelf in the store. They verbally verified it was the one on display (which was the 30"x21" Briarwood Woodland - Alder Pecan) took me to the front of the store to checkout and helped me load it into a borrowed vehicle.

Today I took closer look at box and saw that it was checked as "wood: oak. finish: mocha" I was shocked as I didn't realize a different stain was even an option and had never been asked which stain I wanted. I just had stated I wanted the one on display, which was the pecan finish. I was equally distressed as after weeks of discussion I'd finally found a time for the plumber to come by this week for installation that worked with my schedule. As I had to borrow the vehicle to initially get the vanity to my house I was also concerned as I had no way to exchange it for the correct type at least until the weekend. Had it not been in the basement I would have just had it installed, but in a small, dark basement bathroom, I can't justify installing a very dark vanity. For the $506 I paid for the vanity and topper, I feel that I deserve to get the product I picked out.

I called Menards and explained my problem. The initial person I talked to sounded apologetic but stated they typically couldn't do pick-ups, but he would transfer me to the GM for a discussion. When I spoke with him, he did not seem the least apologetic. He stated it was partially the responsibility of the "puller" to grab the item ordered, but the other part the buyer's responsibility to verify that they'd been given the correct item before they bought it. I told him I was only asked to verify the size and wasn't even aware there was another stain/wood option. He stated I was welcome to bring vanity back and from what I understood, if they could verify it wasn't my fault for picking up the wrong vanity they could exchange it. Informed him I could not bring the vanity back currently as I didn't have a vehicle and explained my need to have correct vanity today if possible. Asked if he could have the correct one delivered and they could pick up incorrect vanity at same time. He stated their delivery was a contracted out service and he would not pay to have them do that. He stated I could pay to have a new one delivered for $35 and then could return the other at my convenience. I asked if he would cover the $35 fee as I did not feel it was my fault that I ended up with the incorrect vanity. He stated he would not, that he had already given me my available options.

Menards has already lost my future business, and I will be returning the products I'd bought for the bathroom and buying comparable products from Lowes, my other option in town. The manager I spoke with made it clear that was my choice, and had no apologies for my frustrating experience. I just wanted to write though to let you know what was occurring in a new store in a fairly small city facing tough economic times. I wrote about this on my facebook this morning (in much shorter form), and within 30 minutes one of my friends from Wichita had noted she'd had similar issues like that in Wichita. In Kansas I feel that customer service is highly valued by customers, and with multiple new stores in this state I wanted to be sure someone was aware that poor customer service in this state is costing you customers.

End response from their guest services department: "I'm sorry. Had you paid us to deliver the vanity and we delivered the wrong one, we would exchange it at no charge. You elected not to pay for this service. Thank you, Ray"

So apparently it is still my fault, and I'm left with a plumber ready to do an install, and no vanity. :/

Monetary Loss: $506.

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Same experience in Duluth Mn with carpet..gave them my room sizes, the carpenter laughed when he went to pick it up as it was enough to do another floor in my home...Now it was there employee who figured out the square feet needed...floor specialist! ***!

Also wanted a restocking fee as well as only a portion of a refund..then they in turn resale the same carpet the next day so to make more of a profit! I have never been back!

And have built a home and remodeled others. Total $879.56 loss..


menards is BIG/HUGE in Green Bay... has been for many years- I have shopped there since i was a kid w my family traveling many miles from the UP to get there & back.

This Menard's is NOT at all in any way like the Green Bay ("back East")Menard's. I was so excited menards was coming to salina- hah! not for long about of 6 to 7 visits later - 5 to 6 problems- big ones. I no longer shop there.

i agree a JOKE! I told the mgr this store is nothing like Green Bay...he blamed it on the local employee base to pull from as in "there ain't much out there." ,my guess is Heartless is from the company's Green Bay headquarters and they know nothing of shopping at this menard's here- it is just awful!

It's not you ksinks- it's them. You would love the store if you could shop Green Bay (unless they have changed for the worse too maybe?


It's partially YOUR FAULT, like the GM SAID. It's your job as the consumer to be fully aware of what you're purchasing.

Only a *** would assume something comes in just 1 color.

Also, like the GM stated seeing how they did not initially deliver it there is no way they would just waive a delivery fee. It's your RESPONSIBILITY FOR GETTING TO THE STORE AND MAKING SURE IT'S THE CORRECT ITEM YOU WANT.