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My wife and I started building our house in May and went to the Jefferson City, Mo. Menards. It is like my father in law said, "remember the associates might have been crack ***'s before opening up---what will they really know about drip edge or shingles." (They have only been open for five months.)

We continually had problems with them delivering correctly and on time. They delivered shingles without the drip edge and didn't bring enough after having the house plans. The house is a basic 1200 foot ranch with a 5 pitch roof. It isn't a brain buster.

The counter tops and vanity tops were completely wrong. We went in there different times to make sure the size was correct and that we would be ready to close. We are currently still waiting. Our account has been so screwed up that our first rep was fired, the second quit, and we were just assigned a new one. I pray that we are almost done so we don't have to see another rep go down in flames.

This situation has been so awful and I will never step foot there again once our contractors account is paid off for the last time. We were promised so many sales, discounts, and rebates but none of it happened. I can only apologize to the local Scruggs Lumber store for not just going with them. I am sure they may have been more expensive but at least know they know their *** from *** in the ground.

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