Middletown Township, New Jersey

I went to buy some boards and the sales rep asked for my phone #, when I told him I did not know it, he became very belligerent. He informed me I needed it to go into the lumber yard.

After looking in my wallet for several minutes I located my number on a scrap of paper. While he was putting it into the computer I asked what they do if someone comes in that does not have a phone. Before I could even finish he started getting loud and more belligerent, saying that everybody has a phone,EVEN THE AMISH, have phones!!!! This last line out of his mouth shows me how dumb he is and how BIGOTED this employee really is.

(Not everyone does have a phone and the Amish are some that do not. It is our local Mennonite that have phones not Amish!)When I was leaving with my order, I noticed this employee talking about me to the contracting manager. When I spoke to the manager he back up his working. After spending thousands of dollars at Menards I will never grace their store with my presence again.

If a manger puts up with this behavior, is it store policy? See you all at Lowes in Sedalia, MO.


Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

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You're coming OUR yard. You don't let people into your house that you don't know their name right?

Neither do we. Plus most efficient way when guests call in and have no idea what they actually bought.


You are ridiculous. What sort of protection does someone rattling off a phone number (real or fake) give you? Put your big boy panties on!


Dem zee rules. Hakuna Matada


I don't like to give anyone my address or phone number and no, I don't know my phone number off the top of my head. Go through the hassle of identity theft a couple of times and you won't be giving people anything except greenbacks!

Love those who just want to get along and conform to every whim of every company because it's easy for the company. Baaa goes the sheep to slaughter. Service and products don't get better people if as consumers you don't push back and let companies know what works and what doesn't. Tracking my purchasing behavior with my phone number doesn't work.

Sell me product as conveniently as possible.

Don't get Menards with the phone number *** when buying lumber. I'm buying and they're selling. Just want a few boards for a small project.

What's the big deal? I pay and drive in to the yard to load. They see me coming and going.

Why the need personal info?


How do you pay for your items? Most people pay with a credit card or check which gives them personal information much more valuable than a phone number. If you can't remember your own phone number you probably shouldn't be going to the store on your own anyway.


How do you not know your own phone number?


Your phone number acts as a customer number. Makes it a quick and easy way to write up invoices for repeat customers.

You're just being a *** playing games saying you don't know your phone number. Unless you have a good reason for not giving your number why cause trouble?

Keep in mind, when you take that invoice into their yard they record the number off your vehicle license plate. They can get all your information from the DMV if they want to know more about you, they don't need your phone number for that, if that is your concern.


Welcome to the bend over your at menards club, doesn't suprise me you were treated poorly. Service at menards is non existent, attitudes are horrible and believe me after the sale your on your own. Lowes or Home Depot at minimum treat their customers with respect, I understand your frustration and all I can say is stay away from menards, I drive the extra miles to lowes or Home Depot and stear clear of problems with menards.


You should come up with your own name, but thats clue I have an admire.




Haha! It takes you several minutes to look in your wallet?

I do not quite understand how you "grace" menards with your presence. Please don't flatter yourself.


This story seems a little odd to me. If you have spent "thousands" at Menards you have surely had an invoice written before and know they are going to ask for your phone number. Looks like a bogus post to me.


Some of the more up to date Amish do have phones, some even have cars and tractors now. If there isn't a phone in each Amish home there is something that looks like an old fashioned phone booth that is open to any Amish person to use, and is usually settled near the road on one of the farms.


You used to make costumes? What does that have to do with customer service?