Every time I go to Menards, I always see the same guys working. They told me they aren't based off commission because if they were they could own a mansion.

Well I pulled into the parking lot and saw one of them pull up in a huge nice looking F-150. Not based off commission huh? Snakes. A kid in 20s owns a nicer car than me and half the people who are shopping there.

I wonder what type of house he's living in. It's obvious that you make plenty of money working for Menards and you're not some "Kid working his way through college."

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They don't earn commission. And according to glassdoor, the average wage for a sales associate is less than $10/hrly.

Bottom line: it is no one's business how someone was able to afford to their car.

It could belong to a family member, he could have a trust fund, been left an inheritance, who knows! Who cares!


Don't hate the player son

Hate the game

Sounds like you need a Menards job to keep up


All outside sales work off commission.


I know you... another whiner, complaining about traffic , the weather and now the guys that work at some hardware store.

I know a young guy who saved $10k from a paper-route so a young guy working full time and not being wasteful can drive a new truck ( heck a F150 can lease for $220 a month) So get off you computer because I think that's your mom calling you upstairs because dinners ready! :cry


Ohhhhhh no we don't get commission. Once and awhile we get a SPIF on certain items (protection plans, big ticket items UTV etc.). But in no way shape or form do Menards team members make commission on sales.


Menards employees only make 8.50 hour with a big ten cent raise after six months maybe he works for Home Depot


Ok, I worked at menards for 6 years, my boyfriend works at the DC, more than half of this town works at menards. I guarantee you they do not get commission.

They get spifs on special orders which is 2% on whatever is the select special order item of the month. They make about a dollar above minimum wage, which is not nearly enough to deal with *** customers such as yourself. Not only do they not make commission, they actually encourage their team members to work off the clock in the smaller stores to make pay roll. The kid more than likely lives with his parents because he gets paid next to nothing and cannot afford to live on his own.

Because not only does menards not pay commission, they also very rarely give out full time positions and part timers can see as little as 15 hours during the winter months.

And PS Menards is a petty company who scans these things and will fire employees, which is why the employees don't put their names on here.

@Menards ***ks

Ya, but "Heartless" works at one of the Green Bay, WI stores and has lots of tattoos. He's too afraid to let you know more though, poor little fella. :?

@Heartlesses 1st dad

Total BS. It's very common knowledge that Heartless is from Minnesota.

You really should stop trolling no honor or respect in that.

Heartless is smarter than you too, he has not been biting to your trolling :). You reek of General Office/Corporate or worst a corrupt store manager.


"he has not been biting to your trolling" Are you kidding me. We know you are Heartless, so don't bother.

Too obvious. :grin


This heartless character is quite the *** bag, wants to sound so intelligent all the time, think about it... That is why menards is always sticking it to people, these "look down your nose types" running these stores are non service related people, they just thrive on sticking their hands deeper into our pocket books.

heartless needs to return to flipping burgers at the Golden Arches. Go away!


Heartless is brilliant. I have nothing but respect for him.


Marty = Heartless Pretty obvious. No respect for cowards.


Yeah i don't get commission sorry dude that maybe he can get a loan and you can't?

I drive a 99 sunfire and work 56 hours a week in sales and i get complimented and awarded alot for my work and still will never get commission


We don't get commission, but we should. It's people like you who make me hate working retail.


You hate all customers. So what's new.

Just continue being the problem instead of any solution, and then there will be a lot more complaints for Menards on here. Anonymous coward.

@Good Customer

It's easy to hate all customers when they ALL SOUND JUST LIKE YOU DID. Calling someone a coward on here is just idiotic, especially when your just anonymous as him. Why not put your name and address on here E-THUG.....


So you can harass me from your safe little hole in Green Bay. You and I have already met, so what's the difference.

You still spout off on here, and hide your true feelings in real life. You won't change.


(responding to the comment just below this)

You have never met me. Anyone who knows me knows I speak my mind 100% of the time, management knows this full well.

I'm not even from Green Bay, I've used it as a front a couple times. You think I would come on here and allow anyone to know exactly where I am from.


Like I said... "Anonymous coward".

And you may fool the others on here, but you know that I know better.

1228 Biemeret Street, Green Bay, Wisc.

I'll be waiting, tough guy.