not the first time either...i get the to cashier and if i didnt pay attention i would have been charged 200 dollars instead of 150 for a fan!insane!

50 dollars more! took 10 minutes for someone to find the fan and my husband had to go with him. the whole time i am standing at the cashier with two small children. all the sudden the cashier looks at me and tells me i owe 189 total.

i looked and her and had no clue she was talking to me. all the sudden i realized she was talking to me. i asked her about the lamp. she said yes i got the sale deal.

like it was a reward due to my diligence.

unreal.i paid and swore i will never be back at that store.

Review about: Menards Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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oooh excellent post Anonymous.Agreed, every person should work retail just to see how it really is.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Probably wasn't her money, is was probably her husband's.:upset

Im slowly starting to like your posts Anonymous 8)


What more than likely happened here is that they were putting up the sale that will be in tomorrows paper.It can take several hours to put up all the sale prices and yes it starts before the store closes.

Be happy you got the sale price today rather than having to come back for a price adjustment tomorrow.

You also got to double dip as you not only got the sale price but the 11% rebate as well.You should try working retail for a month or two and perhaps your attitude would change.

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