Flint, Michigan
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We went into Mendards and was told that the Pool was listed wrong in their ad. They handed me a peice of paper and said their legal department didn't have any worries about honoring the 20.00 sale.

They told me if I wanted it I would have to pay 44.??. I then was contacted by a co-worker of my husbands who purchased the pool the very same afternoon for 20.00. Why some of us and not all???

Discrimination sounds huge to me...When we phoned them, RAY would not give his title when emailing even when asking and said Hmmm I'll check and never responds. They are extremely rude when it comes to treating customers with kindness..

Monetary Loss: $64.

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Sure there may be risk involved, but that's true for anybody. But you get through it and life goes on.


Yogurt it may suck that the ad was a misprint, but 10 miles isn't far and 24 isn't that much more to spend. I live 14 mile from work and it takes me about 25 minutes to get there. Not long.


It's called a mistake, whiners. The law recongizes it.

If you called in an ad to the newspaper and said you wanted $1,000 for your old car and the person inserts the ad as $10.00, my guess is you would then understand the concept. Don't get it yet? Okay.

You asked your wife to call in the ad and she told them $10. Make sense now?

paint man

hey yogurt. clio opened upin 2007.

not a few months before you b!tching started. you suck.


well if you read at the bottom of EVERY ad of Menards, it C L E A R L Y states that Menards can change their price without notice due to 'human error'. i do remember this happening over the summer of 09 but it was posed at the 3 stores i went to. maybe you should learn how to read or get a hobby to do something better with your life than to make everyone miserable with your stupidity.


Mcdocs you have nothing better to do with your time do you? your comments dont bother anyone just wanted to get that out there. Have fun at home depot cuz no one gives a ***


I have decided that it is not the original complaints against Medards listed on this web site, it is the additude of the Menardites that has convinced me to never again shop at Menards. As an avid and accomplished DIY guy, who has doubled the size of my home, this is truly Menards' loss. Thanks for your help, Menardites.


It's called a MISPRINT. Happens all the time.

Every Sunday I see it in the paper,whether it's Target,Sears,whoever,there's almost always some disclaimer run by some retailer who's ad had a misprint.

Good luck with your attorney,just remember,Menards has lawyers,too. :p


Thanks so much Bad distugsting larry... It wasn't about me.

We have five children with special needs who assumed that day they were going to have a pool ONLY because of the price were we able to go and purchase it. So, I guess we won't answer any more of Menards ads. They seem to do this often to get people into the store and then it turns out they are out of it or made a mistake, or etc. etc.

It isn't about the pool. It is about treating customers all differently depending on who you are or who you talk to. This isn't Okay. One of their employees told me if I stood in the front of the store and used the F word it would definately make them give me the pool.

I'm not that kind of person, but I'll bet notsayin is and also would do it. So no more wasted time, we have an attorney that will handle it from here. We're not allowed to comment. He contacted us.

Both of you fight amongst each other. This is a very valid point with customers being treated very differently...


you guys would be the first ones to cry if it happend to you. you are both jerks.

don't act lik little girls. :grin


Grow up! A stop light isn't making money from me driving to the store, spending my time to go that extra ten miles to purchase something from someone who draws me to that spot with false advertising.

If this were the first or second time I may let it go. This is the fourth time in Clio that this has happened in just a few months since they've opened. When do you draw the line with human error? Not even a comparison.

Sounds like a menards person to me, how about you? Menards, I purchased an entire house the last two years from you. You have no idea. Look at the door orders in Clio.

It is one of the first orders. We are no longer customers. Possibly you will learn how to grow up to and do the right thing when you don't follow the guidlines of the State of Michigan for false advertising.. And some people don't understand discrimination.

It isn't just about color. We do have the receipt from our friend...(red light where are you people from).


I was at a stoplight today and the car ahead of me got to go before the light turned red and I didn't. Must be discrimination :cry

Grow up,it's a swimming pool.

Are you 12?

Cry me a f'ing river. :cry