Saint Paul, Minnesota

we bought a tub from Menards. Hired a installer he was very careful and

used a brand new drop cloth in the bottom of the tub. The first time we

put water in the next day rust appeared in the bottom of the bath tub.

We spoke to Menards customer service. The girl said if we fill out a form

and Menards would talk to the mfg and fix our issue. Menards came back and said the installer must of walked in it wih his boots on. We said he used a drop cloth and they said there must of been something on the drop cloth

It's a cheap fix for Menards. The mfg. said they would go with what ever Menards decided so it wouldn't even cost menards any money. I will be very careful if I ever buy anything from Menards again.

Watch them if you ever buy anything. My review of Menards is this don't buy from them if you expect a warranty.

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They gave you the ole Rusty Bathtub, huh? I hate when that happens.


I had tub with rust and used wood bleach and it permantly removed the rust. It took just a few minutes. Made paste, nylon brush and rinsed.

Colorado Springs


As a contractor(remodeler), I buy tubs from them all the time. They only sell one metal tub and it has a enamel coating on it. Was the tub all scratched up when you took it out of the box?