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We were in the clearance section of the lawn and garden section of Menard's, over by the flower pots in the clearance section. I found green plastic trays to go under the flower pots, 8", in the clearance section, clearly marked 19 cents.

Everything else on the shelf was lined up and also clearly marked for their respective prices. As we went to check out, the trays rang up as 55 cents. Because of this, my mother calmly said, those were supposed to be 19 cents, and Shay, the cashier let out an audible sigh and hit one of her buttons on her cash register too hard, and rang a bell. Then, Kaitlin, the assistant manager of the day, came over and tried to figure out the problem.

I told her I could show her where I found them since Menard's is a huge store and there are many clearance sections. She said "no" and completely ignored each person in my family that said they would be willing to walk back and show her where the tray was. She kept saying she "couldn't leave" to find out where it was, and she called a merchandise checker on her walkie talkie and said "it's like this tray thing, or whatever, and they say it's 19 cents but it is ringing up as 55 cents. Okay that's what i thought." and said they could not find the item.

It would have only taken 2 minutes for them to come back there with us so we could see how much the trays actually were, but they would not allow us to show them where we found it. There was also nobody behind us in line, and they were not busy. In any other store, regardless of how busy they are, they have let us either show us where the item was and figure out the problem, or they would be more than accommodating to the customers and be willing to work with them to figure out the issue. However, the assistant manager was very rude, not only to me, but also to my mother, sister, and father.

My dad tried to talk to the lady, but she completely ignored him and would not even listen to us at all. Both the assistant manager and the cashier were extremely rude to me and my family. We have been loyal customers of Menard's for years, and we would never try to rip them off. Even that day, we spent $45.06, so we clearly were not there to rip off the company.

We were just excited to get those trays, and those women ruined our Sunday by being so rude and inconsiderate.

In my opinion, the assistant manager, cashier, and price checker deserve to be demoted.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Rude manager, Customer sevice.

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Anonymous from Minneapolis, Minnesota said it perfectly. However, I have somethings to add.

YOU WERE FIGHTING OVER PENNIES! THAT'S RIGHT PENNIES, 55 cents vs 19 cents to be exact!!!!!! Are times that hard for you that you need to stand around wasting your time to save 36 cents per unit??

She sighed because this thing happens all the time because of guest flinging items around with ZERO RESPECT to the store and it's workers. Then they have to deal with people like you who are making a big deal about PENNIES!!!!!


For security reasons neither the cashier or head cashier can go running around the store checking prices. That is why they use the radios to check with someone on the sales floor to check prices.

If you had headed back to where you found the trays and met the person working the sales floor that would have been ok. If you owned the store would you want your cashiers leaving their register full of cash unattended? Or the supervisor who is there to watch over the registers and watching the exits to make sure people aren't walking out the door without paying for merchandise leaving their post? Of course not, you would do the same thing and have ways to check prices like the radios they used.

What more than likely happened is someone had the trays you found in their cart, saw a clearance item they could use instead. Rather than putting the trays back where they got them they took the lazy way out and put them in the spot where the clearance product was.