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Menards, Springfield West, fails to comply with city mask mandate--those with health issues don't need a mask. My husband, terminally ill, was told upon entry to get out of store.

The 2 at door did not greet, or ask why he had no mask. Just, stated...get out! When he explained his health issue, they said and quite rudely, AND CLEARLY no compassion, no mask no entry. I gave him a mask.

He was leaning on carts to put on a mask. And one of the "greeters" yelled, you actually have to put it on. Totally disrespectful and utterly rude.

Essential stores are expected to follow city mandate. But more importantly, should be expected to show COURTESY AND COMPASSION.

User's recommendation: Shop elsewhere.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Springfield, MO 65807

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If anyone has medical breathing issues that are so very severe that they warrant a claim of being unable to wear a simple little face mask, for only a few minutes, then they are NOT the member of the household whom should be elected to do the family shopping. ALSO, 2 people from the same household have NO need to BOTH be shopping at the same store.


Where's your sense of respect for them??? Compassion works both ways!


I highly doubt this went down quite as described. if there were any raised voices I doubt they happened until you objected too much to their policy.

If your husband is in such poor health why would you want to be in a busy store where he could come in contact with the virus any way? If he were to catch the virus he is much more likely to die from it than a healthy person.

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