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I have written to Ray in customer service too many times to count. Finally, I have written to Brenda Garrett, guest services department Hello, Ray .

Hello, Brenda.

As of yet, no response of any resolve. It is impossible to get a hold of a real person at Menards. Absolutely impossible. I have been trying from before Christmas.

The top customer service people hide behind email systems that they ignore.

There are no real management people at Menards. NONE.

Hello, Menards, anybody, anybody, Bueller, anybody.

No one's home. Elvis has left the building.

Shop there at your own risk.

My friend, Fred, was videotaped each time he came into the building. Fred is 78 years old, handicapped, and was helped by a young employee of Menards at the time.

Fred left the young man a tip, as he would to other

employees who were kind enough to help him, out of his appreciation.

Menards fired the young man who had helped Fred, then when Fred asked to speak to management they told him he was in surveillance every time he came into the store, and demeaned him terribly.

No one has responded to Fred.

Fred has spent hundreds of dollars at Menards

over the years, recently having his deck completed.

We are done with Menards. Their lack of response to customer complaints is disgraceful.

User's recommendation: Shop somewhere else.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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Unfortunely the employee that accepted the tip violated store policy that was why she was let go. When she was hired she was informwd of the policies and I understand Fred was just trying to show his appreciation for helping him but that doesnt mean the rules get bent for her.

She shouldnt have accepted the tip and instead told Fred if he wanted to show appreciation for her doing what she gets paid to do he should inform the General Manager of how she went above and beyond for him then she would of possibly been awarded by recieve employee of the week award. It is a company policy regardless if it seems fair or not.


Fred broke the rules. He got fired. End of story goodbye


Take this down


Yeah the person lied remove


Take this foolishness down.


Hey Karen, say hello to you tube. You made yourself famous for posting this video.


This is my last comment. The point is Fred was helped by a young man, with no intention of being tipped.

It was his nature to help people in need. Others accepted Fred's tips, if you want to call it that, and were not let go. In addition Fred, who spent big bucks at Menards should have had someone call him, and talk with him personally. That is the reason we have reached out to this platform.

Fred was treated callously, and in a demeaning way . He's been in the hospital, and the same young man has been a Godsend to him . Let's say for argument, that Fred shouldn't have insisted. Did Fred as a customer know the policy.

He was just expressing his gratitude. The young man is going into the military now, where he will be saving the lives of others.That is who he is. As a business owner myself, I would have reiterated the policy to the young man, and given him the opportunity to prove himself again. He, nor Fred, needs Menards and their lack of response.

If you think they did the right thing, and want your handicapped mother or grandfather ignored, and young son or daughter fired for being helpful, give them your business. I'm done with Menards.


So, your friend Fred got someone fired? Great job Fred!

I hope this person doesn't have bills to pay, a family that expects food to be put on the table. If so, perhaps you and Fred can help this person out rather than whine online.


What kind of resolution are you looking for? They terminated an employee for cause.

You need to get it through your friends and your head that many companies don't allow their employees to accept anything from customers. He shouldn't have forced anything on an employee.

He was the cause of the employee being fired. The reason companies don't allow employees to accept gratuities or gifts is to avoid having employees treating anyone with favoritism or overlooking theft.


It's against Menards policy for an employees to accept gratuities, gifts or any type of compensation from customers or vendors. Yes, employees can be terminated for violating company policies.

Everyone entering a Menards store is on camera. They are all over the store watching the actions of customers and employees.


Actually, this person, has continued to help Fred, most recently, when Fred was admitted to the hospital after falling and hitting his head. Yes, Dylan is an exceptional young man, that will be going into the service soon.

Good people continue to be good people, and the wrong done to them will not hold them back. I'm sorry you totally missed the point. This young man exemplified and still exemplifies the qualities that every young person should have. To the 2nd person who seemed to know all about Menards policies: That's not the issue.

It wasn't a tip. Fred had come to know the young man, due to the unsolicited help the young person had given him fir many months, and gave him an unsolicited card for Christmas, with a gift inside. The young man did not want to accept the card, but only due to Fred's insistence, he reluctantly put it in his pocket. What about the many months of kindness this young man had shown Fred, when other young people had never stopped to help.

What about the lack of a courteous meeting or phone call with Fred from the many attempts to reach someone at Menards. If you like their manner with young employees who go out of their way to help handicapped, older customers, or their lack respect in getting back to a customer of many years, then shop there and enjoy your experience. There's two issues: the letting go of an exceptional young person who did nothing wrong and the inexcusable lack of response to a customer complaint. Sounds like you guys work for Menards, since you can quote their policy manual verbatim.

Try a little common sense and compassion, and customer response. Did you see that in the manual?


The fact is Freds action cost this young man his job. It is against Menards policy to take anything of value from a customer no matter what you call it.

There is no arguing the the young man cared for his customers.

Unfortunately accepting the card with cash from Fred cost him his job. Fred needs to learn to understand the meaning of the word no when an employee says they can't accept anything.


"common sense" Like not forcing tips on a culture that doesn't allow them?

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