Adrian, Michigan
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The store manager in Jackson, MI is very rude. I was trying to get a table that was in their sale flyer and evertime I called I was told they had one, I even had someone hold it for me.

But everytime we went to pick it up, they didn't have any. At $4 bucks a gallon for gas, they should do what they say. The store manager was very rude and unfriendly. All she kept saying was that it wasn't her fault.

From what I have read, this is the standard all Menard store. I will never try and purchase anything at any Menards store againg.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Muncie, IN has a very rude Manager! Christian told me he was not interested in honnoring the price for bagged stone that I had bought the day before.

I bought 250 bags @ $3.25 per bag. He said the price was $3.99. He also said "I don't know you!

Your nobody to me. I have other customers that will buy that product, I don;t want you buying what is left!" So I walked out.


Blame your gas *** on your liberals who won't let us Drill for oil in the US.

(in the last 30 years we haven't been able to... you *** out there)


sorry to hear about your foot,fella. hope you feel better soon.

dlwshil, a rain check would be the only way to hold a sale price on a stock item that somebody refused to pay for in advance.

If the item were out of stock, than sis could have ordered it, so the next one that arrived at the store would be allocated to sis. All items in the store are available cash and carry.


apparently it's menards' fault that gas is incredibly expensive. let's all blame department managers at menards for the excessive fees we have to pay at the pump!

yay great idea!

really, get over it. if you want service as a priority, go to ace or true value. but also expect to pay more. but wait...

isn't your poor budget stretched thin as it is? make sure to stock up on kleenex, crybaby.


Sis, your comment duly noted. Multiple trips for same product.......not good, especially at $4

per gallon.

Fella, you shot yourself, hope it doesn't hurt too badly. Is product availability change in anyway by getting a rain check.

A store manager rude......... it really doesn't matter if it's 10,000 per day,

there is no excuse.

Hope your foot heals soon.


did you get a rain check? if not, you're kind of shooting yourself in the foot here.

and i think menards can be forgiven for making a mistake once in a while.

with over a thousand ppl in each store every day, screwups are bound to happen. get over it.