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My husband and I went to pick up $800 worth of lumber and plywood which I bought online. We substituted some of the items and needed help with getting the credit back in my card.

I had made a mistake in one of the items I need credited and apologized to the cashier who was very polite and willing to remedy the situation except that she cant and had to call the manager for help. This manager, Colleen, who was not wearing a namebadge was talking over me and yelling at me from the service desk to the checkout counter and appeared aggravated for being called. My husband is building a stand alone home office/she-shed for me in the back of our property and over the last two months, we have purchased close to $7000 in materials at this particular store. The same manager yelled at him btw after he returned a Menards rented truck and he left a small damp area on the console from his iced powerade.

I can only imagine how many other customers have been subjected to this kind of rude behavior from this person who clearly needs customer service training or frankly, find another job.

Preferably one that does not deal with people. I feel very upset about this and will be purchasing the rest of our construction materials from Home Depot or Lowes.

User's recommendation: Find another store that treats people right. Menard’s maybe a few pennies cheaper but I don’t mind paying more for good customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Building Materials Department.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Menards Pros: Accessibility, Prices.

Menards Cons: Rude manager, Poor customer service.

Location: 2868 US Highway 52 West, West Lafayette, IN 47906

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I am the original poster and it seems like Colleen and her trolls and bots are here in full force to drown out a very legitimate issue and concern about staff conduct. Also, I thought this site is legitimate, otherwise, a moderator needs to weed out fake posters.

Looks like someone here is even pretending to be me. Well, since you all have ambushed my original post with your sycophantic defense of Colleen - you can have it. I have no time to engage in your nonsense and idiocy. I have written to John Menard and corporate.

Hopefully that sends a message and the very inappropriate and unqualified manager can get retrained. Good riddance!



No so how can she have written this.



Sadly you show all the signs of delusion. Just because literally no one is buying your story doesn’t make them bots.

Nor does it make them direct supporters of the person you are whining about. It’s a PUBLIC FORUM and your story comes off as fake. Actually it comes off incredibly one sided. When most of us can see that YOU initiated the situation you also acted in a retaliatory way.

Thankfully most everyone and that includes management at the store sees you for what you are. You’re full of half truths and all lies. Move along! I don’t buy your story either.

More then likely you presented the same nasty attitude you’ve shown here. Grow up and move on. I mean exactly how low of a person are you for trying to get someone fired AFTER you verbally and emotionally attacked them?

Pretty low in my book. We can tell you’re a KAREN, go away KAREN.


We checked our records and the post about beating up the grandmother was indeed posted by you. The ISP address matches all posts under the name GK.

We ask that you do not slander the board with your lies or try to make Colleen look bad.

We would like for you to continue using our website as long as you follow the rules. Please do not slander the names of our website or other individuals or your account will be banned.

@Pissed Consumer Moderator 6

Pissed consumer moderator 6, right you just joined the site today.


IT was not Collen, it was one of the people working for the site. They do this all the time to make the site more popular.

They go onto your account or create another account with the same name and make ridiculous post about beating children or the elderly to get more people to respond. The more people that visit the site and respond the more money they get.


The moderators are the ones making the fake posts to boost views on the website.


I notice I already pointed this out to you and they deleted the post. Sad kind of.


Firstly you’re not the employees boss so you have zero standing to make any demands. I’m betting that very same saucy attitude you display here was in full effect there.

I believe a previous poster stated it best, grow up. You’re making a mountain out of a molecule and you know it.

Maybe when your divinity hits you can treat others how you like. Until then remember these are human beings with feelings.


Thanks for defending me. I am more concerned about her husband's grandmother.

If I were here husband I would personally hurt her for beating my grandmother and leave her. I would take a screenshot of her posts admitting to hitting herself and record her and use it against her.


Dude that’s troll that’s been on here for YEARS!! They like to copy the name and post a similar story.

Sometimes it’s the grandmother sometimes it’s a child. After awhile you will recognize the same type of story.


No it is the op. You cannot create similar names.


He already knows bout the site troll. It has been going on for years as you say it.

Remember "Kevin Richards" "Ruth and Kevin" "Bridgette" that is the same person.

This person I believe works for Pissed consumer and makes ridiculous posts about beating defenseless grandmothers and children to get more views and replies for the site, in return the site makes more money. IT is a sick way to get business, but that is how this site gets business.


Murdock is a troll also, previously known as Agness, Blanchard and a bunch more. It’s a different account every month




And Orry as well.


Get kid telling the OP they are wrong is NOT trolling.


You need to stay at home if you treat others like crap


Exactly, how dare you expect the poor worker to perform the job she was hired to do while on company time! The front end managers job is to sit on a stool and socialise with coworkers while pretending to be busy at the computer.

You had the nerve to require her to get off her unmotivated lazy rear and assist her employee she supervises???? As for her getting agitated about a condensation water ring on the dashboard of a high mileage rent a truck, imagine what she would do if your husband had the nerve to pass gas into the torn vinyl drivers seat.


She was not refusing to do her job. Or sitting on her rear. You need to learn how to read kid.

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