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The management was rude and walked away said I can't help you the 1st manager was racist ignorant and rude I've done over a million dollars in the last 3 years I can't believe how rude and mistreating your management team is And your tools in rental I've rented for in the last 3 days in every one of them are broke I am at the point I am going to take my business to home depot Where somebody there will help me and I don't have to fill out a form just to tell somebody what happened at 3rd store

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Usually satisfied.

Menards Cons: Way i was treated rude cashier, Your people suck.

Location: 6100 East Ave, La Grange, IL 60525

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Wow, a customer complaint that didn’t result in a manager being disciplined!! Bit of a double standard there, eh Menards, in general, and “legal”, in particular.

I’d be watching closely, folks, double standards can come back to haunt yoooooouuuuu!! Why, they might even put a dent in the old profit, eh? Query in every management interview prior to December of 2017; “Have you done your (completely voluntary and unpaid) IHT?” Typical retort to a negative response; “Oh, you haven’t?

Well, let me get back to you.” Then when they get back to you, “Sorry, we’ve decided to go in a different direction. Complete a couple courses and try again!”


Your response has nothing to do with the complaint. Sounds like you are bitter over being turned down for a promotion.

The in home training is voluntary.

When store manager are interviewing a number of candidates for a position the fact that individuals have completed in home training shows that they are willing to take initiative to improve themselves and gain knowledge of the products they are selling. Most managers would rather promote someone willing to go the extra mile than someone doing the minimum their job requires.


What exactly did you want them to help you with? Were you asking them to do something that bent company policies?

Too many people expect store manger to make exceptions for them but if the managers want to keep their jobs there is nothing they can do for you. You may not want to hear that but the option is to contact the corporate office and unfortunately Menards wants that done in writing.

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