Zionsville, Indiana
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I went to buy a piece of furniture that was on sale. I asked the check out girl to help me.

She turned her back on me, and waited on the next person, who was a menards employee buying treats. I will never ever shop at Kokomo, indiana menards. I reported the clerk and the employee who got check out before me. The small girl behind the desk was afraid to do anything to these employees.

No way will she be strong enough to stand her ground for the employees will make her life ***. No doubt.

On my way out the employee who bought her treats made a bad remark toward me. If this was my store I would fear many law suits.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: Way i was treated.

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So u proboly Walked up to a cashier who was waiting on a employee making minimum wage on a non paid break trying to get a drink. Acting as if such person ment nothing because they wore emploee clothing barged up and demanded help out of turn hence a line.

And a cashier at a register I'm sure she is not allowed to leave is the best place or idea u could come up with to find help in a 40,000 sq ft store hum. I agree u should never shop there again with your rude behavior those poor people may have been rude to an actual sensible person needing help because of you.


It's not the checkout persons job to help you with furniture. If you needed help with furniture and there was no one in the furniture department you should have gone to the service desk ten steps from where the cashier was standing. I'm not a fan of Menard's, but for gods sake make your complaints a little more reasonable.